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  1. I’m getting clicks, impressions, some messages but no luck getting the orders. 😰
  2. To catch the attention of the buyer, You need to rank at the top of the search result. For that you will need a proper optimized gig with attractive images. Prepare attractive image & gig title put the main keywords in the title, SEO title, descriptions etc. Best of luck
  3. We have to keep the hard work going & ensure a better service for all.
  4. It doesn’t matter now. I have removed all pixel & it’s kind of funny my delivery image is showing up on his review. So that tells the whole truth.
  5. I thought they only had 10 days to leave a review after the order completes. It depends whether what you did was what you said you would do in your gig/offer and what was asked for in the requirements. If you did part of it (I don’t know whether you did) you might have got a warning for that. eg. if the gig requirement/gig/package description/offer is to do X but you don’t have enough info to do X (eg. he hasn’t given you access) you should wait till he does or maybe cancel if he doesn’t and not deliver something less than X (at least unless the buyer changes the requirements). I have waited 7 days for him after completing the job, then delivered it. He had been offline for 15 days. I had finished the job as per the requirement.
  6. it’s generally 550x370 but it would be better if you increase the size by 2x. the quality of the image will be better. My suggestion will be to go for 1100x740
  7. Had a very bad buyer experience months ago. A buyer knocked me to remove Facebook pixel from his Shopify website. But he didn’t give me access to edit the theme though I had removed the pixel from the frontend option & delivered the job. But he rejects every time even though I have done the job. At last, he gives me access to his theme editor to remove the pixel from the deep. I finish & deliver the job but he doesn’t come online. After 15 days he comes online, gives me a bad & nasty review with a 1-star rating. Then he even goes further. He reports to the Fiverr support to cancel the order. & support gives me a warning (which I don’t know why)* & cancels the order. So ultimately I lose my Level 1 Badge, the order, the order completion rate, get the lowest rating & review, because of which my every gig drops down from the rank. Have been suffering ever since.
  8. It’s called order cancellation, not gig. yes, sometimes it affects. But I’ve seen some sellers who didn’t get any negative effects because of that. I don’t know how this is measured though.
  9. Should have opened an account after ensuring a valid ID.
  10. Some buyers are so heartless & cruel. They take everything for granted. That’s why I make sure everything even before creating an offer & clears out everything. I always make sure no cancellation, no refund. Only like that we can get rid of those cruel & fake buyers
  11. That’s the most important part. I don’t know why people are so lazy to write some few lines.
  12. It’s not fair. I don’t know why most of the times we sellers suffer the most. Please Fiverr do some justice to us.
  13. Welcome to the community. Covid-19 has affected all. So decreasing the sales would be slightly responsible for that. But as you are a new seller it’d be a little bit more difficult to get sales at first. I’d suggest to optimize your gigs & send proper buyer requests. I hope your get better sales. Thanks. 🙂
  14. Nop. It won’t have any bad impact on your account.
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