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  1. Fiverr should include voice call, so that it will easy to communicate. Most of the time buyer can not explain everything properly in the message, Its take lot of time. Thank you
  2. Hello Welcome to the fiverr community. No one can help except you. You will find lots of article in the forum where you will find how you can make more sell. Thank You
  3. That will be really helpful if someone follow your instruction. Thank you
  4. Hello, It will solve. And it can be your internet issue
  5. Hello party people, How are you? Tomorrow I give the Fiverr English Skills test. But there are two English tests, 1 - English Language Test, 2 - Fiverr English test. So as I see, most of the time people just give 2 - Fiverr English test. That was really easy but is here anyone who gives 1 - English Language Test and pass ?? Please let me know. Thank You ![Capture|449x175](upload://ofeQBXULCXyJlw9JwZzWBuCWowx.png)
  6. Gating order is not so easy man…! You can learn something from there Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:Thank You
  7. Hello, GIG rank is not important. Okay, you rank your gig for a few days but if you do not have skills then within a few days you will lose everything. Success comes with struggle. So try to improve yourself. Thank You
  8. Hello, Do not be upset. You have to create gig with proper way. You have to give lots of time to know who you can create a best gig. And you must have to create 7 gig but it dose not mean you just crate gigs. Give 1 month to know how you can create proper gig. So its will create value. Fiverr is not like that you create gig and you will earn dollar. Nothing is so easy in the world. Thank You. Best Of luck.
  9. Hello, Brother, How are you? I just check out your Profile. Do you know how many services are available in your category ?? And you have lots of Love on your every gig its mines you are tray collect fack impression.!! That is really bad. The real world is not so easy that you crate some gig do some spam and you will get success.!! Do you know who is the Top Rated Graphic Designer Freelancer in Bangladesh ??? I think you do not know. But if you really want to be a successful graphic designer then first stop spamming. Be professional and stop trying to find any shortcuts. Because success does not come with shortcuts. Thank You, Best of luck
  10. Hello, That is new thing for me. I do not hear about that before. So that bad review is shown in your profile ??
  11. Hello, Brother How are you.? Brother do some resources, in here that is so common question that how can I get order. You can find lots of article here, they give so much good information. Always tray to read that article. And create a gig that is too important. Because there thousands of other people are offering same service and they are so good at that. Then why you get order ?? Find out that answer. Always tray to improve yourself. Finding work is one of the most important skills. So do lots of resource how you can get job. This is really challenging to get some work but honestly there are thousand of work out there. So do not loos hope and keep trying with proper way. If I did any mistake please forgive me. Best of luck. Thank You
  12. Cancel order is not good for you. It will create a bad impression for your gig. And I am suffering from that. Lust 2 months I don’t get any order because of cancel order. So be careful. Thank YOU.
  13. Hello, Sutapa So you get lots of view from here it’s good but honestly, your gig is too basic. There are few mistakes in your gig description, and your price is too high for the beginning. Create more gigs, add more gig extra. When someone saw your gig they must feel you are an expert in that field. Otherwise, there are lots of other sellers they are doing so well then why a buyer will give you a job. And, there are lots of articles about how you can create gigs. So read them and my best tips for you. To create a gig takes some time. Do lots of resources, yes lots of resources. Because you do not know lots of things. This is not like that, create a gig, and make money. Real-world is not so easy. Thank You.
  14. Hello, This is not your fault. So no way to cancel the order. So go to support and tell them to complete the order. Thank You
  15. Simple and easy, never tray to share your personal information by any way. Share portfolio is also look like you are sharing personal information so do not do that.
  16. Hello, Its a very common question here so please do some resource and you will get your answer. Thank You
  17. Brother do not share your personal information. In your portfolio have your personal information so Fiverr can suspend your account. Thank you
  18. Hello, Alejandro. How are you? Good to see you here. Best of luck and be safe.
  19. This is happing regularly. Seller give there link and say I need something like that. So have to check that url and that is his or her gig url. That is really bad practice. I suppose to repot them for spamming.
  20. This article can help you, https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers/13/l/top/all?order=views
  21. Please try to read that article, I wish it can help you. https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers/13/l/top/all?order=views
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