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  1. Connect with the Fiverr community and update your knowledge. :+1:t3:
  2. Connect with the Fiverr community and update your knowledge. best of luck ❤️
  3. The reason you did not receive buyer requests was because of the 3.4 ratings you received. All you have to do now is get some direct orders somehow. Share your gig on social media and place an order. 4.7 Give the buyer a good job to keep a better rating. Never give up Fiverr. It will be a big thing for you in the future. best wishes.
  4. Try to get some direct orders. Always try to keep a rating above 4.7. :+1:t3:
  5. All you have to do is submit 10 Buyer Requests that you receive daily until you receive a direct order. ❤️
  6. Make sure to submit 10 Buyer Requests daily. Other people like you put in Buyer Requests. One Buyer receives 200-300 Requests. You will be selected with a percentage less than 0.35%. So make your gig beautiful and give the buyer a small discount. This will allow you to receive an order.
  7. Always try to get a starting 5 rating. A 4 star rating is a top-notch skill. Don’t worry so much about it. Always try to keep raring 4.7 in your gig. That’s what you should do.
  8. welcome to the fiverr community… ❤️ best of luck
  9. The gig impressions level has decreased due to you not getting the new order. You try to get a new order for it. Make sure to place 10 Buyer Requests daily. ,Share your gig on social media. :+1:t3:
  10. Welcome to the fiverr community. Best of luck​:star_struck::star_struck:
  11. Welcome to the Fiverr community. i wish you good work too… ❤️
  12. Hello Welcome to the Fiverr. ❤️ I will suggest you stay as much online as you can keep optimizing your gigs
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