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  1. Hope you are all well. My gig was active and it was on the first page. My gig image was not attractive that’s why I have changed my gig image yesterday. But I can not find it on the search results. I have not used any copyrighted images. I used canva for my gig image. it’s now showing like this: image838×299 19.4 KBWhat can I do now? Thanks in advance.
  2. I will check. Thank you for your response. I have designed the gig images. But I used some images like png, divi logo, website screenshot.
  3. One of my gigs is denied. I don’t know what is the reason for this. I have created this Gig two days ago. And it’s fully created by me. I did not do a copy. ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg1261×477 39.6 KBCan you tell me what is the reason for this gig denied? And what can I do now? Or can I upload this gig again with some modifications?
  4. Let’s see. What is waiting for us
  5. I think you are wrong. It is just a bug. It will be fixed very soon
  6. contact cs. They will solve your problem
  7. I was a Free Fire player. So much addicted game it is. But recently I do not playing it. Busy with work. Thanks GOD I have successfully stoped playing this game.
  8. Hello, hope you are well. I have checked your gig. Here are around 39k gigs, so if you want to get it in 1-10 page. You have to do Gig SEO well. It will be best if you added some more images and one video. If you add your main keywords in your images it will help your gig SEO. It’s my opinion as I am a new seller so I think it will help you. I got results using these tricks. One of my gigs is in first page and some gigs under the 5th page. Hope you understand. Thank you.
  9. Thank you so much. I am thinking about adding a video in my published gig.
  10. Hi, Always try to be active with your pc/ laptop. Mobile phone is not perfect for online status. Try to be active 24/7 and keep patience
  11. I have started my Fiverr journey on 14th February 2020. I have recently completed 4 projects with good reviews in March. But now I am not getting any orders. How to get? image923×290 13.4 KB
  12. @lenasemenkova take care of your self. #stay_home #keep_distance #be_safe
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