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  1. Hi, I am an SEO expert and got an order of $2000 for Google top ranking. I work for the website and got a website position to top three on Google. Suddenly website ranking decreased. I checked the website I was shocked. The website owner redirects the website to another website. (means when anyone opens a website visitor redirects to another new website.) I need help know what can i do. This is a buyer mistake. He closes his website my three months working is lost. Can I deliver the order and contact customer support about this situation? I contact the buyer he says the work website come back.
  2. same with me at two time. Don’t worry you will be level one maybe in next evolution.
  3. I recently applied for withdrawing funds. Withdraw successfully initiated but funds did not transfer in the bank account. This happened in the first time with me.
  4. Did you try to publish them? You might be able to create them but most likely system wouldn’t allow you to publish it. I don’t violate with system. But system is allowing
  5. Hi, Fiverr community. Thanks, Allah I am Level one Seller. as you know Fiverr allows ten gigs for level one seller. But problem is this. I create my 10 gigs and still allowing me to create extra gigs. Is there any systemic problem or Fiverr increase the limit of gigs. But when I see there Still 10 gigs allow for Level 1 seller. Fiverr team please take action and if there any problem resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  6. Fiverr not take any action because lot of people share their gigs on social networks and website. Maybe this boost your gigs rankings in Fiverr. This increase Fiverr traffic from website. This count as sharing.
  7. Hi Everyone, I delivered my work one day ago, the buyer left a five-star review. State of review shown but the text of the buyer is still pending. Here the message is shown, You’ll be able to view the buyer’s review after you leave your feedback. I already left feedback for buyer. When I type my feedback on Share your response. The message appears something went wrong…Please try again later Is there any issue in Fiverr let me know.
  8. Hey dears, give me some pro tips. I got a order from a client. Project is that promote his products through classified and also social media. I did best my behalf. Some times he asked thanks bro and some time he showed unsatisfied behavior and asked not gets any sales nobody contact me. Only one person contact for purchase. Give me some tips how can I satisfy my buyer and order will be complete. He will give me a good feedback means five star review. I also 3 five star review on my profile. One thing is on my mind I am also sharing with you is that if my buyer is not satisfied then I will be ask to buyer. Your satisfaction is my priority if you are not satisfy 100 % money back to you. Your satisfaction is not worth me 70 dollars. What’s you think about that. Regards Tullah1
  9. Great. I am waiting for such type buyers. :roll_eyes:
  10. Hey, My taken test are available. First is SEO skill Assessment and second is social media marketing. 😍
  11. Hey, After long time thinking one thing came in my mind. I share with valuable members. If any body joined Fiverr hybrid. When this person purchase any services referral get incentive.
  12. Nice to meet you every body there. I am SEO expert and social media promoter. I am working there. Best wishes for every body there. Good luck! Have a nice day!
  13. If you make second account with same ip Adress this is not good according Fivver TOS. work properly if you have lot of order or no time is available for complete your order. I have a solution for you. Increase your delivery time. Best wishes for every body there.
  14. Well come dear, I am 45 ago joined and get two order.
  15. Thanks for your kind information. I deliver my work and after this I don’t asked for rating.
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