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  1. sure he can buy as long as he has an account
  2. I do not think so, if the buyer is interested in your offer he will contact you otherwise it is considered as spam
  3. it is against the TOS to create two accounts.
  4. i know, i meant that they are considered as so. Therefore, you will get paid for the first one.
  5. yes you will get paid, they are two independent orders.
  6. you should stay online as longer as possible and try sending more buyer requests, i hope that this way you will get orders and overcome this issue.
  7. I think you should reconsider some words in your profile like (well-known) the first thing that comes to my mind when i read this is where you are well known? you should prove it or just remove it. the second thing is the packages, state only what you gonna do and for what price. i hope this will help
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