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  1. I already mentioned that in my previous reply: That does not happen often. You just got lucky, that’s all. Congratulations.
  2. A buyer with a good budget will not go for a newbie(generally). And, I do not send a generic buyer request to everybody. Instead, I do the same as the post writer wrote. What I wrote is about my personal experience. Just like post writer, I also already sent more than a hundred requests and did not get a single reply from anybody. Oh, I have Grammarly. In fact, I have Grammarly premium. So, I am well aware of my grammatical correctness.
  3. My feeling about “Sending customized buyer request” is: It does not work. Yes, the straightforward answer is, IT DOES NOT WORK. This is just a theoretical suggestion that everybody likes to utter because it feels nice, and it gives you the vibe of being a knowledgeable and sensible person. But it’s unworthy advice. You see a buyer request; you take time to understand his/her need, then you write a buyer request based on that, and by that time, your submission may be fell behind hundreds of other offers. Most of the buyer does not want or does not have time to read hundreds of request. So, the scenario is, if the buyer is patient enough to read hundreds of offers before lending the job to anybody, only then you might have the chance of getting that job, otherwise not. So, that “send customized buyer request to everybody based on their need” is just worthless empty advice, like many advice out there.
  4. Sharing gig in social media for no reason does not help.
  5. Hi, how are you all? Recently I have created a gig regarding Elementor pro and Elementskit installation. It is my only gig which includes only one package. Can you please give me your suggestion if it is alright in terms of gig video/image, price, description and other things? Here is link to My Fiver Gig
  6. Yes, you can. But, if the video contains canva watermark, it will not be allowed.
  7. I gave my buyer benefit of doubt. I am assuming that, my buyer were honest enough to say the same thing both in front of me(public review) and behind me(hidden review). Saying something while in front and other thing while behind is not a good practice. It makes people dishonest and I don’t want to put that label to my buyer. Or, should I?
  8. I mentioned it just to let you know that, I have no personal interest in this discussion and I have no problem with that review thing, at least till now. I am talking from a general perspective and I think, this hidden review system is flawed. For the buyer, along with other methods of gaming the seller, it is just a new edition. Both buyer and seller should have hidden review system and if that have any effect, both buyer and seller’s profile should be affected by that.
  9. Many seller do game the system, that I agree. In the same time, don’t many buyer also do the same? Or, is it like that “Buyer is always right”? Yes, buyer makes money for Fiverr. How much that is? And, how much Fiverr get from the seller? Why omitting that part totally? If there is no buyer, definitely there will be no business. Same way, if there is no seller, buyer will be of no use. For me, till now, all my rating is 5 star. So, my comment is not for me, but from a general standpoint. Don’t take it otherwise. We “Seller” joined Fiverr to do business, just like the “Buyer”.
  10. There are 4 level. New SellerLevel 1Level 2Top rated
  11. Hi, I started working in Fiverr 6 months back and already did a number of job. But, I am quite unhappy about the click and impression performance of my gig recently. Can you review and suggest me any improvement if needed? Thanks My gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/xkbNjB
  12. Welcome to Fiverr 🎉 Wish you all the best. Along with other buddy provided, you can read this to get some idea about how to get going: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here’s How
  13. Yes, giving negative feedback to buyer will have negative impact on your profile. Let me say how. Once the rating is given, it can not be edited. So, buyer will not be able to edit the rating he/she gave already. But there are other way in which he/she can do more harm to your gig. After the rating, Fiverr asks the buyer 2-3 times to give private review about the order. So, although the buyer will not be able to edit the initial review, he/she can give you negative review in their private survey which you can’t see. In a sentence, there is no protection for the seller, rather Fiverr will protect the buyer’s interest in every possible way (unless buyer is in ultimate fault where there is no way to deny buyer’s fault) So, my suggestion is, rate your buyer 5 star in every case, write good review about your buyer even if you are super disappointed about the buyer. (You may take this part sarcastically although it is sad truth for the seller)
  14. The buyer can not edit his/her review. But, Fiverr asked the buyer to give private feedback(that also 2-3 times) even after the first review. So, if you review them bad, they will give you a bad private review which will affect your gig.
  15. Well, days for new seller like us comes to an end. Well done.
  16. Click and impression are the indication of your Gig’s health but there is no point where it can be said that, “you will start getting order if you have this much impression”. You can get order at your first impression or may not get order at your 100th. So, it is totally normal that you have 73 clicks but no order.
  17. Registered for it. Please let me know what to do next if I am selected. Thanks
  18. Congratulations Mate 🎉 You are such an inspiring figure for the newbie like us. Wish you all the best
  19. I meant it is coincidence it is happening to you only here, it suppose to happen to you everywhere on all platforms. We all are complaining about this for years, some sellers are complaining about the very thing you are saying from 2010. You can find topics from 2010 same as yours, same issue. Fiverr is not going to do anything about it. Why would they? “If you do not like it, leave.” That is their policy. “Nobody is forcing you to use Fiverr.” mentality I don’t know why they do that!! For every order, they get way more money from the seller than from the buyer(except 5 dollar order). So, supposedly they should at least consider buyer side(if not be on buyer’s side). Actually it’s like, “hey seller, this is your living/part of living. So, whatever we do to you, you will keep using me. But, buyer will not come back if they are unhappy. So, your opinion as a buyer does not bother me at all. Live with that or LEAVE”
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