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  1. Can anyone share gig link here? Is this not go the rules of forum?
  2. Yes, very correct word. But this types of visitor are increasing day by day.
  3. Wow!!! It's an useful & interesting option for seller. But can i message to my old client for work or it will goes as spam? How many message I can send in one day to my client?
  4. Yes , this is a fresh look , But i missed the old one. And here is no edit option after summited. If I saw any spell mistake or anything that should be change , can i ever edit or delete it? This is only worst option of current forum. But after that thanks to fiverr forum team to give a awesome interface.
  5. Yes, I agree with you. There are lots of changes in fiverr message. And there is no more option in message like this. In fiverr message there is only 2 option report or spam mark. Is this really help seller to protect from spam & thread. Sometimes buyer came to do a illegal's work. How could they submit this in fiverr ? I think there should be close monitoring to buyer work demand that what kind of work they trying to do here.
  6. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. As there some seller come to forum only give reactions. Some times i surprise to see the reaction when there is nothing to react. They only come forum everyday to react by serial number comments & leave forum. Is this ever help him to rank the gig? If not so why they did this constantly?
  7. Thanks to share such a effective tips . But I have one question- If I am not connected with fiverr most of time how could i answer the buyer message ? The fiverr notification sound will ring when i am online otherwise i can never get it. You know for the beginner its so important to answer the buyer in time. Because buyer never wait seller answer long time when seller has no review or experience.
  8. Worm welcome to fiverr. Just follow some way to get order when you are new.: 1. Stay the more time you can. But from 11.pm to morning its very important. 2. Give 1o buyer request everyday. Its a organic way to introduce your gig to the byer , so don't miss it. 3. Made your communication skill strong & your service related skill. Because when you receive a message from buyer then you have the ability to made it order. And when you have a good skill then you can satisfied the buyer with your service. And then you can get a good feedback which help you to be trusted another buyer. 4. Promote your gig or work to the social media. 5. Have patience & continuous try . It is the key of all success in any thing that you wanted to get. There are lots of way to get your sell. Stay with form . Here you can get awesome tips & tricks which is shared by experienced seller. Be safe.
  9. Thanks for your potential suggestions. But it is the second phase when byer come to me But before that if I have to go to them with my service. You know it is true that advertise is also a matter of good sale of any product or service. If it was wrong then fiverr never tell us to promote our gig to social media. And there is an option to promote our gig officially. And we should also take your advise in mind to satisficed buyer needs with good out put. Thank you again.
  10. Will you pls clear it or tell us in detail why it is wrong & what should I have to done to go better position in fiverr?
  11. Sorry i could not make it clear. I could not tell it. I just quote it another one post. I wanted to know how could it will done ?
  12. "If you constantly post your gigs link in twitter and all other social and open forum sites. Definitely, you will get a nice position on the first page. Consistency Matter." How could I post gig link in forum site?
  13. If you have gig that have no order that you can edit anytime. And don't edit gig again again because if the gig going to ranked it will fall down. But a rank gig you have to careful to edit it . If the edit is essential then edit the gig when there are 2 or more orders. Because the order is the fuel of a gig to moved on. So the rank will never down. But it is true that to edit gig price & description s less risky & to edit tag or title is may risk your gig to fall down from its rank. Have a good day!!
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