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  1. This isn’t something you can make happen, tips are highly unusual for most fields but Fiverr pushes buyers to tip constantly after an order. That’s terrible advice, undercharge just because everyone else is? If your work is worth $5000 and you have the credentials and previous works to show for it then that’s the selling price, not $5. I know you said don’t undercharge at the end but saying to not over charge and then to not undercharge is just contradictory, you’re either for or against one of those statements. Seems to me you got lucky on this order and think you can replicate that same experience, I’m happy that you got the same value of the order in tips but there isn’t really a magical way to push buyers towards the tip button. I am not talking specifically about tips, it’s like how you can make clients happy and maybe have a long term relation I never said undercharge, I said do not “Overcharge” I’ve seen some people take advantage of clients just because of their lack of knowledge, Sooner or later the customer would find out. All I said was to be reasonable in your pricing Do not overcharge either undercharge. If you have a monopoly with something then that’s a different thing as you are the sole decision-maker of the price.
  2. Yes, it is all about money. I provide service and they pay. Tips are not part of business transaction, never was, never will be. The concept of providing tips works only in USA and only for waiters (which i still do not get, because, they do get salary don’t they??). If my service is 50$ I am not going to charge 25$ hoping that the client will “figure out” I am underselling and pay me in tips what I should be getting in the first place. I got couple of times tips above the service price, but the service price was real and full, no discount or matching to what others are asking for the same service. Maybe. This is questionable given a lot of sellers commented here how buyers were angry for sellers sending them more than they asked for and paid for since they do not need it or want it… so this is tricky. You have to read customer for this. Also if you overdeliver for the same price tomorrow he will ask same for the same things under same price, no tips. Put a price on your work, final. Tips are just decoration and should not be even considered as a thing. I was talking from my experience. I am not saying to overdeliver. All I am saying is make most of your creative freedom if you have it. So the client forgot to tell me to add his logo in the job brief but later told me that he’d like if I can include a logo. I did it without charging extra cause honestly it’s not a big ask so that makes an impact however don’t do every change for free 9 out of 10 clients would only tell you to do more and more.
  3. Wasn’t really a big job, It was a 20 seconds video
  4. Here are my 2 cents on what to do and what not to do as a new seller. I just recently got tipped $25 for a $20 order. This might sound crazy but I am gonna share with you how it happened and what you can do to make something like this happen. This was just a 20 seconds video with so the price is reasonable as a new freelancer! image762×189 8.26 KBSo first of all this client and I have done 5 jobs together so this is not just something a client would give on the first time. Make sure you build a connection with the client. This is simple communicate to the client as if you’re talking to a friend. Be professional yet friendly. Building a good connection with the client with help you not only now but also in the future. This is the base for trust and long-term work. Make them understand things clearly, if only they knew everything why would they come to you? Take the job as your personal project If you think what you’re making is just for someone else then you’ll just be able to limit yourself to do what is told (sometimes you have to do what is told) but in case you get any creative freedom then do something that is more than what the client expected. Trust me this is the best way to make an impression. If you give clients more than what they expected you’ll surely be rewarded. Don’t overcharge If you charge someone a lot more than what others are charging then you’ll probably end up with just a one-off job. For the long term, you gotta show the client that it’s not just about money. Charge what you think is right for the amount of work and time. Cause in this competitive market there is probably hundreds of others who can do what you’re doing. So overcharging would only make potential good clients go away. Don’t undercharge either! Deliver on time Probably a given, delivering on time would only help you look more interested in working with the client. If you slack or are late then clients would most probably like to find someone else who could do the work on their time. If you cannot do certain things in a given period of time then be vocal about it and tell the client. He may not give you the current order but might consider you for next. But if you end up accepting and then being late then they’ll not reconsider you for future work. Just a few tips I could give from my experience. However even I am still new and learning on fiverr. I hope you’ll make it big!! Goodluck!
  5. Thankyou! I am not considering giving up. Not yet! 🙂
  6. I started fiverr last year march and I didn’t really focus alot but lately I’ve been focusing more and it’s been good. I’ve completed 30 order until now and also recently passed the $400 mark and I’ll be promoted to level 1 seller. One of my gig is getting all the attention. I would love to have my other gigs have more exposure but for now I am happy that atleast one of my gigs is doing well. Do you have any tips how to make most of level 1 seller on fiverr?
  7. Thankyou for this beautiful Response. I can’t thank you enough on how your post changed my life. I was struggling with the Business is Business syndrome . I used to stay professional and ask potential buyers questions about their projects, my 2 cents on it, give them specifics on what I can do and how much I will charge but after reading your post I clearly understood what was wrong with me. Now I started getting underpaid, messaged by buyer after 6 months to “Make the logo BIGGER” , no social contact, posture like a banana but I love it. That’s how I dreamed my life to be.
  8. It is possible , they can just go to google type your “username fiverr” and if you’re also a seller google will show them you fiverr seller profile from where they can message you but its completely against ToS of fiverr.
  9. When designing a business card do not ask question about personal info in the chat or on order page. Instead tell in your description what all info you’ll need and then use requirements like “Send me all the information stated in the gig description.”
  10. Hey Guys! I’ve been on fiverr for quite some time now but only recently started selling my work! I’ve been getting some orders recently but its not consistent at all! Any tips on how to get orders consistently?
  11. Ah that sucks! I don’t want to start over with a new profile. You think the support can help me on this?
  12. Getting order isn’t very hard if you do some things right make sure you gig has all photos ! include previous work!Describe properly! describe what you do in clear and precise words!Be patient . I know it can take some time until you get your first order but be patient ! if you have a good gig then the orders will eventually come!Share. share your gig on your social media that can help a lot!
  13. Hey welcome to fiverr! Wishing you have a great journey on here!
  14. I’ve started fiver with a different name but recently I decided to have a brand for myself but this name doesn’t match with it! Is there a way to change the fiver profile name at all? Thanks!
  15. Hey guys , So i just joined the forums and thought i’d just give you guys a brief hello!! So my name is Harsh, I am from India , I do freelance graphic designing on fiverr (I don’t have any degree). I’ve been on fiverr for more than 2 years now but only recently actually started using it and making gigs. I am yet to break the ice and get my first order but I am looking forward to make some great friends and do some great work in the fiverr community. Would love to know about you guys ! Don’t be shy to reply. I won’t bite XD
  16. Congratulations bro!! Good to see the ball rolling, I am also waiting for my first order XD
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