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  1. Really helpful, Thank you so much for sharing.!!! 👏
  2. @frank_d Well First of all Many Many Congratulations! for your achievement and motivating us to achieve the same, Thank you for being honest and helping others to show correct path as always. 🙂
  3. Please follow this instructions: https://forum.fiverr.com/t/things-that-you-should-follow-before-asking-how-to-get-order
  4. @sarmadrizvi24, Thank you so much brother, I noted all your given points and i follow the same in my profile and Gigs. God bless… 👏
  5. I am also facing the same issue from last 8-10 days.!!! 🙁
  6. You are absolutely right my friend. Thank you for great words…Cheers…!!!
  7. @ritesh2526 Add one special creative and your best work of your video. that will work get attracted from the buyers.
  8. Welcome to Fiverr family, be positive and keep sending your gig to the buyers…!!!
  9. Congratulation and well done, Keep going high with your good work.!!! 👍
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