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  1. Well you got a lot to improve. First the package descriptions, second it’s Keywords not just words, so work on the description, look at other sellers and try to add some of their best features to your service.
  2. Depending on the image, some have more impact on people than others so that might be true. If you have an image that represents you well but is of poor quality (pixelated) changing it to a HD it would benefit your gig 100% .
  3. True but you gotta keep them divided as well. Yes you love it but can you survive the grind to actually make it in the industry. I managed to grind for 6 years as a basketball coach before I could ever make any profit out of my work. It is indeed do what you love but if you don’t have money you do what you have to. I do agree that works done out of passion are better than those just for monetary reasons.
  4. Welcome, if you want us to help tell us what your gigs are and how you are promoting them?
  5. Trying something new is the most wonderful thing in the world, either you learn or you succeed, and if yo think of it that way, than you won’t be afraid of failing. I am trying a voice over on my services as well, let’s see if it pays off.
  6. Helloooooo good people of fiverr trying to make money and buy quality services, I am EroGhostWriter and as the name says I am a freelance writer. As far as IRL goes I am a former Language and Literature graduate, and currently (and have been for the past 7 years) I am working as a basketball coach. I have worked around the globe and online since I was 14 years of age. My first paid writing work was in 2009 when I started writing for a browser-based game. Ask me anything you wanna know about me, and I shall answer truthfully. Hope to see you around!
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