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  1. Hey Joruss, welcome to the Fiverr community! Best of luck, I hope you’ll find success with your freelancing.
  2. Hi Jovana, welcome to the Fiverr community! 😁 Best of luck with your Gigs!
  3. 🥳 Sorry it wasn’t great and it needed so many hints. Anyway, your turn to make a puzzle again!
  4. Hey @kjbclarke, welcome to the Fiverr community! Best of luck with your graphic design work, I hope you’ll find success here.
  5. All of these guesses are a lot better than the actual answer! 😂 Sorry @hazel_justin131, that’s a great guess but it’s not correct 🙂 Hmm, maybe it’s time for one more hint (optional, of course): 👆 = up
  6. Ooh, great guess @alphagev, but no! Here’s another hint for everyone, since I think I’ve made the emojis a bit too confusing (oops): 🚫 = “Never”
  7. Oops, sorry—didn’t see these replies! My bad 😬 Good guess @vickiespencer, and that probably makes more sense with the emojis, but nope! Hmm, not quite @bubbles1595 🙂 another good guess though! I feel like I haven’t done it very well, so here’s a hint for anyone who wants it: it’s a famous song 🚫
  8. Hey Cat, welcome to the Fiverr community! Best of luck with your Gigs, I hope you’ll find success here.
  9. Don’t worry. Practice makes the master. 😉 Of course you will!!! 😉 When the first emoji game started, I couldn’t guess @ahmwritingco’s puzzle, and believe me, it was really easy. 😬 And here I am now, many moons later… 😂 Thanks so much @maitasun! And thanks everyone for such a nice welcome. This game seems like a wonderful and fun idea. Hmm, very wise! 😉 For now, I’m certainly a novice at the Emoji Game… 🙃 Haha, wow! Now look how far you’ve come… although things do tend to seem much more obvious once the answer is revealed, so I wouldn’t feel too embarrassed about the 🥕 one!
  10. Hey John, welcome to Fiverr! Best of luck with your freelance journey here! 😄
  11. When we started out, we were using three emojis max. Now it’s kind of gotten out of control. I blame @bubbles1595. Yes, it’s all Bubbles’ fault! 😉 You are correct. Nicely done. Thanks! 😃 Okay, here’s the next puzzle. It’s not great, sorry… hopefully it’s somewhat understandable! I’ll try to come up with a better one if I get a chance in the future 🙂 🚫
  12. Hey Jamie, welcome to Fiverr! Sounds exciting, I hope you get your first freelance projects soon!
  13. Well, I’ve been a lurker for a little while now, so this seems like a great opportunity, thanks @ahmwritingco! 😄 This has always looked fun but I’ve never been able to figure out the trickier puzzles. Anyway, my guess is that this means “hole in one” 🙂
  14. Hey Greg, welcome to Fiverr! Best of luck with your Gigs.
  15. Hi @itisfrxd, welcome to Fiverr! Your Gigs have been set up well—good job! The description is set out nicely with dot points and it’s very detailed. Your images are fairly eye-catching, too. One thing I’d recommend is to make use of the FAQ. They’re a great place to include extra info and convince the buyer that you’re what they’re looking for. Also, with your profile, I’d recommend filling out the “skills” section with skills that are relevant to the services you’re offering on Fiverr. You’ve currently only got “boxing”, and, let’s be honest, if you’re a customer looking for someone to create a Discord server for you, you won’t care about their hobbies, you just want to know if they can get the job done. With that said, I’d recommend adding skills like “Discord”, “Making Discord Servers”, “Gaming Coach” etc. Other than that, your profile looks great! 👍 I hope this was helpful and best of luck with your Gigs!
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