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  1. your offer is so great with a large quantity of work you will definitely grow your gigs and will get lots and lots of order I make my friend have much order because of he no adobe photoshop in a good way I look like you also know then you can also reach to many orders. your gigs need an attractive thumbnail which we will provide you with full of your offer and contain so no one can able to stop offering you.
  2. it is depending on you gigs photo as well as on your offer. first please make you gigs photo s attractive or with good offer so buyars cant let you go.
  3. i will read your article it, maybe it will teach me other now things
  4. you change the photo having layer background people thing that you cut the photo and pasted in a good nature photo. you please change the thumbnail of your gigs show a photo like a person click photo in a regular place like on road in school . change that photo background . or if you want to present it in a other way contact me.
  5. read my post you will able t solve your problem.
  6. How to get first order on fiverr. this question comes on everybody’s mind when anyone creates an account on Fiverr first. This is not a simple job that you will get it right at the beginning you creat gigs. you have to work hard you have to be updated on your work. first. watch your gigs impression views click if it is increasing than good your impression is increasing and your views is increasing means people are reaching to you but why you are not getting order means there is something that, the people entering on your gigs may not like your service or may he is not well satisfied with your offer. so there is a need for changing your gigs order. allow them more things in less amount all the offer that they will definitely order you. give them such an offer that on every view you will get order with that person. simple things if views are coming but you are not getting order then there you need to change your proposal.
  7. update your account like. delete a word re write it save as update your problem will solve. I tryed this. if again not solving this then i will say you 2nd things to do,
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