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  1. Hi, I mainly work in the graphic design sector. I want to know if I can open new gigs for UI/UX design (website and app design not development) in my profile? If I do, will it hamper the TOS? Thank you.
  2. Exactly, this is what I am trying to say.
  3. I am not mad if any client doesn’t give a review. I am mad because fiverr doesn’t count an order without a review. This is not fair.
  4. I totally agree. But the thing I want to say is there should be a section on the freelancer’s profiles that will show the total number of orders ( with or without review) s/he has completed so far. Current system of the total review number on the profile should be changed. Because It reflects the freelancer’s efforts partially.
  5. It’s really disappointing that Fiverr doesn’t show an order without rating as a completed project on a freelancer’s profile. I think this system should be updated.
  6. First of all I am not a 'brother '. Secondly, you didn’t understand what I am talking about. But thanks anyway.
  7. Thank you for the explanation. I understand the system now.
  8. Hi! Can anyone tell me if I can change the promoted gig? I mean I don’t wanna promote the gig Fiverr is suggesting. I wanna promote a different one, but I see no options to do so. Is there a way to change it? Thank you.
  9. I don’t understand why the OCR remained the same even after completing a new order. 😦
  10. That’s great! Would you please tell me if I will lose my level 1 position due to the 88% OCR? I am confused 😦
  11. Thank you. But the question is why the OCR hasn’t increased to 90% even after completing 4 orders successfully. There’s no explanation regarding this issue.
  12. Hi, Due to the cancellation of 2 orders, the OCR of my profile has decreased to 84%. After completing 3 orders successfully it has become 88%. Yesterday I completed another order but the OCR hasn’t increased. I wonder why it hasn’t become 90% yet! Now if I lose the level one badge due to this issue, how many orders do I have to complete to regain it? Thank you.
  13. It’s not “late” that you need to worry about. Cancelling an order still might affect your order completion ratio. I can recover it , right?
  14. For orders with milestones only fiverr CS will be able to cancel it. Due to pandemic it might take them up to 10 days to reply. It also will be great if you keep your client up to date and that cancellation wouldn’t be something out of the blue for them. Right now they are obviously thinking that you are working on their order. We agreed to cancel it , but now its clear to me he doesnt know how to do it. Will it mark me late ? because I will not deliver the work. I met all the criterias for the level one badge this month…now this is happening to me. GREAT!!!
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