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  1. Would love to be the one getting invited. In fact, eager to start it as soon the chance comes.
  2. Sustainability is the key and as we are empowered to know how much we are sustaining and getting repeat orders, it helps. Data is everything in this era and Fiverr keeps improving for the benefits of all of us. Kudos.
  3. Hello all! I am LogoPalace9, a fiverr seller, providing Graphics designing services with the specialization in logo design. Nice to meet you all around 👍
  4. This new Avatar of Forum is stunning. It's just not generating wow but also gives ease to roam around. Thank you Fiverr for always being innovative.
  5. Hello all ! Just wanted to share a success story with 2 reasons 🙂 1. To share the joy I have and 2. If there can be any sort of motivation for you. Being a seller, you would also have this experience that every new buyer brings new things to you. Sometimes, it’s joy, sometimes it becomes troublesome to reach to a common ground that helps you the buyer perfectly. But, if you have a buyer who keeps on coming to you and you have a perfect rapport with him is a blessings, i believe. Recently, I completed order number 100 of a same buyer. He is from Sri Lanka and he keeps coming with his design projects. Out of sheer gratitude, I want to write his name but restraining myself with the thought whether it would be right or not. Nevermind, the point is, to understand each other without exchange of much words, preference of his style (in his case, the clients of him are different every time), etc helps a lot to work with each other. Fiverr is a pure joy in all the aspects and such buyers whom I met on Fiverr makes my experience pure gold. Thanks for reading me and letting me share my joy?
  6. I too received the invite to promote one of my gigs, did the same and now eagerly waiting for how it turns out !
  7. Thank you. I will surely be. My life is made beautiful by Fiverr, how can I leave.
  8. When I opened my Fiverr account last year, I had no clue that I would be greatly helped by this platform. I opened my account with curiosity and with the idea to explore. I had my graphics business well set in local market that time and I was doing good. Slowly and steadily my account was developed on Fiverr and I was giving my time and energy on Fiverr but still my main work and especially revenue was getting generated in local market work. But then Covid pandemic broke and in India, we have been to longest lock-down. Suddenly there was fear in the market. People around in our area started to consider graphics as the luxury thing and it was not considered essential, so I stopped receiving work from the local market. It was the time when starvation was knocking my door along with the frightening health situation around. Thankfully to Fiverr, I could keep getting my living on the platform. Now, I have started to focus more and more on Fiverr (gave Fiverr tests, added gigs,etc) I have also decided that Fiverr will be my top priority even after the situation is normalized (though I don’t know when that will happen). I don’t think that my any words will be able to express my gratitude to the platform and to the buyers of my service. Truly obliged.
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