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  1. I got your point. I know those examples sites are not that good. I have designed much more better websites. But I didn’t researched that much before creating gig. I wanted to replace those template with better but the nightmare about the impact on the ranking stopped me from doing that.But now that I know I will definitely make some changes. BTW I don’t know if any of the design is looking alike to a free wordpress template.
  2. Has editing the price several times any impact on your ranking ?
  3. I thought they worth it. Anyway how about $80 for 1st page with 5-6 sections ?
  4. Can you please let me know those issues briefly? I will be more then pleased
  5. Hi, I am getting around 2-5 clicks per day. Is it normal ? Also when I type website template my gig stays on the first page. But still no order. Is it my gig or there is any other problem ? Please let me know 😭 here is my gig https://www.fiverr.com/jossthemes/design-a-multipurpose-creative-website-for-business-or-blog
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