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  1. This is ironic because when I was younger I used to go on forums for ghost stories. I hope you found a good psychic reading platform though. That sounds interesting because all I hear about are the psychics you find on boardwalks or those commercials saying “call now to speak to a psychic”.
  2. I wonder how did your college discuss working on the internet. Did they suggest you make a website for yourself and advertise it or something else?
  3. Wow so I guess people on other platforms use Fiverr too. That’s neat. I looked into your gigs and although I’m not one to hire someone to help me write (even though my writing sucks), I’m happy you’re doing pretty well. Hopefully one day I’ll get my first order. By the way, you only heard bad things about the forum? Why is that?
  4. Hello everyone I hope you all are doing well this day/night! I’m just making this post to see if anyone has any interesting stories about how you came to be on Fiverr. I always enjoy hearing other peoples’ stories. 🙂 I’ll just start off by saying I recently graduated community college under a Graphic Design degree, and I heard countless times from professors who work in the industry that Fiverr is only a place where you can make a quick buck. You do not want to be known as a Fiverr artist was stressed a lot during my academic career. Looking back on it I find it strange, I don’t see anything bad about Fiverr having been on here for a few days now. Your work gets viewed and you can actively see it’s getting viewed as well as the community where you can chat. All in all, I find it as kind of a leg up on things despite what professors have told me before. Anyone else have similar stories or something different? How did you discover Fiverr?
  5. Thank you for the comment, I greatly appreciate it! I’ll look into make my gig as well as my profile the best it can be. My only question is, Would you happen to know where I can find the dimmensions of Fiverr’s thumbnails? Hope you have a nice day/evening/night!
  6. Hello. I’m pretty new to this site. I’m trying to make my gig (and future gigs) to eventually make my first sale. If anyone has time, may you check out my gig and give me some feedback on it? https://www.fiverr.com/share/5ro6p4 Much appreciated.
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