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  1. welcome in fiverr, be patient...... Best of luck
  2. Everyone need to, Focus on gig title, gig image, tags & some demo work added in pdf. * Patient is the most important key on fiverr! share your service on target comunity social site or other forum. Thank you.
  3. hi,

    if you want to grave new order quickly, need to bost your gig in different social site towards target audience not only huge audience.

    How you find or filter target audience?

    Focus on target or buying intended keywords, group, tags etc.

    To get well feedback on social site need to create a strategy. I will share my new strategy what i learn from social media marketing course, i will share this step by step......


    after a long time, i restart my journey..... i hope all of you fine..


    Thank you for seeing my update... 🙂


  4. active more time… active more in forum impression & click good
  5. try once more… be smart to present your service & be passion in your skill
  6. be passion… some thing better would be wait for you…
  7. most welcome & best of luck of your fiverr journey.
  8. Most welcome…be pation & success wait for you though it not stay close. “BEST OF LUCK”
  9. Thanks a lot for such type of info.
  10. response first for next, be continue…best of luck.
  11. enhance my skill & try to add new skill.
  12. Big thanks for important tips and tric share with us.🙂
  13. be safe stay more at home & try to skill up
  14. welcome to our community. we always beside you.Don’t shy to share what’s your mind going.
  15. Big thanks for sharing & welcome for first share. we are always stay beside you. 🙂
  16. everything would be good after 1/ 2-3/21 we should patient.
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