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  1. Here's a thread by me on GIG ranking:
  2. That's awesome! You're full time freelancer?
  3. Wait a minute.... So, they're giving 1st page to new people now? where was algorithm when I struggled as a newbie for 3 month for my first order? This is unethical and wrong. Which company showcase there new employes first instead of experts. Imagine a guy looking for work and hiring a newbie and if that person didn't able to do his job than this person will never came back on fiverr. Fiverr marketing, Technical Team Sucks....
  4. Anybody here sold anything in "North Korea", The Choosen one?
  5. I think, I dominated more world than "East India Company" XD
  6. Its good, but it can be better. Like in "Why Choose me", tell something which is measurable and can be shown to client. You can't measure "100% satisfaction" unless you've many 5 start reviews or "friendly and free discuss". Tell client why you're different from other sellers. Rest seems good 🙂
  7. Here's something you can do to increase your ranking: Fiverr ranking System in One line: More Sales = More Ranking Use a Awesome Gig Thumbnail > if you get more click > your ranking go up Stay Online (pin your fiverr app in mobile so it always open in background) > People are more likely to contact buyers who are online > more clicks > more ranking, @graphics_cave you're wrong, staying online will definately boost sales and ranking. Once you promoted to Level One or Above your gig will get a huge expose > Make sure you get 5 star and positive feedback for all your orders > rewrite your gig description to make it more compelling Use Your main Keyword in FAQs, Gig description , Three price table and Gig extras (use atleast 10 FAQs with your main keyword) This is secret, don't tell it to anyone ( Be consistant : If you leave fiverr for a week or stop working for 3-4 days your ranking will go down) Hope this is the answer you're looking for 🙂
  8. Open App setting and give file storage persmission
  9. Don't forget to take your Vaccine jab, I'm from INDIA and I believe I don't have to tell you about our situtation because we just recovered from 2 Wave and who world knows how bad was it.
  10. It take me 2-3 months, i sent around 300 buyer request to get my first order.
  11. I posted a job recently and soon after that my inbox flooded with messages which shouldn't be (I deleted my request after that) because there's no option in buyer request to contact person who posted job, But when I analyzed the buyer request page I found this bug, people can misuse buyer request and with few lines of code they can access profile of person who posted job. I'm sharing screenshot here: Please FIX this asap this is very annoying that people will message me because I am a seller I don't like it.
  12. Yeah, as a web developer I easily able to access profile of all person using buyer request with few lines of code. Check this out: Fiverr must fix it ASAP
  13. The whole point of buyer request to tell people about my work in detail so they can answer my request and I can shortlist them. So, I don't have to tell each of them what I exactly want. If I keep contacting buyer by searching I've to tell them same thing again and again, that'll be time consuming and inefficient.
  14. I recently published a job, but soon after that I found out people messaging me on inbox for work. Normal procedure would be answering my request so I can shortlist people. But "How can some people able to message me directly?" As a seller myself, I found this very annoying. My inbox flooded with messages and I've to pause my request. I think fiverr must fix this thing.
  15. In case you can't access your ticket, you can reply to existing ticket via your email easily OR you can write a email to support@fiverr.com, they'll responde quickly 🙂
  16. I didn't understand your message properly, here's what I understand: 1. Buyer messaged you and then block you without placing any order - No need to worry about, reponds to relevent request only next time. 2. Buyer messages you, placed order and then blocked you - I believe in this case, you still able to see order and can deliver it easily from order page.
  17. You don't ask others to promote your gig unless you pay them, fiverr offer a lot of guide to help new buyers. Please read them : https://www.fiverr.com/support
  18. eclixo

    Help me!

    If You've insufficient requirements than you can contact fiverr support to cancel order, they'll cancel it without affecting your cancellation rate. If you're confident enough you can do client job, most people seems tought from outside like a coconut (my 30% clients atleast XD). If you provide a awesome work I think your client appreciate your work
  19. I would like to add one also: 1. Maybe client sees, you're new on fiverr and you're not expert enough to do his job, (either you don't have a lot of reviews or you lack 5 start reviews) You can easily overcome this by making a portfolio (best in your industry), once you proved client that you're a expert. things go smoothly after that.
  20. Hi, Everything is Possible if you've proper knowledge or guidance, I told my friend to join fiverr last week, He is a expert in his field, like me and he got his first sale within 3 days by just sending fiverr buyer request. You'll need to have a strong portfolio and high quality buyer request. Make sure you don't copy paste buyer request and show your best work in your portfolio, if you don't have a portfolio than make one. Cheers, Ajay
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