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  1. Your gig looks absolutely amazing. The problem is not with your gig, but problem is that logo designing and business card design are the two catergories which are very saturated with sellers. So, I would suggest you to advertise your gigs with your family & friends, share them in social media, communities, reddit, youtube(if you have a channel). By advertising, you will increase your CLICK THROUGH RATE(CTR) which will help to rank your gig higher in the search results and hence it will attract more buyers
  2. It has been over 3 weeks now in fiverr but I haven’t gotten a single order yet. I know that freelancing takes time but I have tried everything : good title, keywords, well written description, gig photos, competitive prices, etc. I need your help on this. Please help me out by taking a look at my gigs and give me some advice screenshot1906×913 103 KB
  3. Please provide us a link to your gig first
  4. Are you getting buyer requests now?
  5. All of my gigs are related to Photoshop, so if there’s any new gig you want to suggest, then please make sure it is related to Photoshop
  6. @lesi78 Even my buyer request tab seems empty! It has been about 2 weeks since i joined but still i don’t see a SINGLE BUYER’S REQUEST!!!
  7. Hi there! I really could use some help from you guys! It has been 2 weeks since i have joined fiverr but I still didn’t get my first order. I have tried everything to make my gig look appealing; images, good keywords, keywords in title and description, competitive pricing, etc. but still most of my gigs do not show up in the first few pages of the search results. I think it is a good time to improve my gigs so, please help me out! Gig#1 Gig#2 Gig#3 Gig#4 Gig#5 Gig#6
  8. I am a relatively new seller. I have made 6 gigs so far, but 2 of them seems to have landed in the last page of the search results. I have made full use of tags, description, attractive titles, competitive pricing, etc. but even after all of these, why are my gigs showing up on the last page. If fiverr does not show the gigs of new users on the first few pages of the search results, then how are the new sellers supposed to grow on fiverr? I am pretty sure that most of the buyers do not scroll to the last page of the search results; they usually find the gig to order in 1st - 3rd pages. And this is probably the reason why I haven’t gotten any orders yet. Annotation 2020-01-29 2142091920×1122 530 KB
  9. I did it, but didn’t see a single buyer request since i joined
  10. Do you mean “Be online as long as possible” when you say “Active”? Cause I usually stay online for 15+ hours each day on fiverr
  11. Check this screenshot i sent in the description above. My buyer requests are not showing anything
  12. Why is my Gig not showing up on the first page? I have tried all the SEO tips: good title, good keywords, keywords in the description. Yet, most of my gigs end up in the 5th-8th page of the search results. I guess, this is why I haven’t gotten my first order yet. How are buyers suppoosed to find my gig if the gigs are in the 8TH PAGE of the search results? I am pretty sure that most of the buyers do not scroll that far; they usually find their gig in the 1st - 3rd page of the search results. Now let’s come over to buyer requests.! I think my “Buyer Requests” Tab is broken or bugged, cause it shows “No buyer requests”. Screenshot So, help me out Here are my gigs for you to see and give me tips: 1: https://www.fiverr.com/yannishams/make-you-an-attractive-professional-fortnite-thumbnail 2: https://www.fiverr.com/yannishams/remove-backgroud-from-any-photo 3: https://www.fiverr.com/yannishams/change-the-colour-of-anything-using-photoshop 4: https://www.fiverr.com/yannishams/colorize-your-black-and-white-photo
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