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  1. Welcome fellow artist! Good luck and good selling out there~
  2. Should have probably introduce myself. I’m Zach, a comic artist/novist by night. I’ve always want to get commsions going so I thought fiverr would be a great place to start! I don’t have much experience with freelancing and drawing for money in general but I have oodles of experience doing art for others through art trade so I think I have a head start when it comes to this perhaps?
  3. The commission god smile upon me on this glorious day. I started my fiverr only a couple weeks ago and have still been setting up my gigs so I haven’t been advertising it very much. I was really shocked and excited when I got a notification at my birthday dinner about a client. Birthday luck, I suppose~
  4. Hello! Quick question. For one of my gigs, I ask for references. Is it against Fiverr rules/TOS if they provide reference links rather than images/files? Examples being if someone links their character profile on a Deviant Art page for an art commission, or a google drive document link for a script. I am not sure of this counts as taking business off site. It’s not like we are actually conducting business or communicating else where but it is technically other sites. Thank you -Zee
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