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  1. Welcome… here… and wish you a great success…!!
  2. I do not know the reason either, except that I know this is written in TOS. Another thing to consider is that you are selling in niches that have a massive amount of competition. Yes. Thats true…👍 I agree with last point.
  3. Thanks @vickiespencer for your reply. I did not get any negetive feedback or review from any buyers since last six months even I didnot violate any policies. Don’t know the actual reason for degrading my gigs ranking. But it is relly very disappointing after delivering a high quality job and customer service. Thank You.
  4. Thank… This is really a nice information’s , how to write a gig descriptions. It will be really helpful for all.
  5. Hi Friends, If anyone face similar kind of experience , Please share it . Thank You
  6. Hi All, Suddenly all of my gigs are disappeared from gig ranking search pages, even my best selling gigs too. I did not do any edit or changes of my gigs. day by day Impressions are going downfall. I received 5 rating of all of my last 6 months orders with high client appresiations. All required parameters are showing top level. I did not get any responce from new buyer since last 2 months. And its going worst day by day. I reached out to CS but get very generic answers. Anyone have any ideas or clue of this issues? what will be the reason and solutions for this? Is this for fiverr rotational policy? Then why it is not applicable with all sellers. I noticed some seller’s gig are always showing on first page for a long time, although they have so many recent negetive client feedback’s and their gig’s overall rating are showing lower than me. Thank you and appreciate for your feedback.
  7. Hello!!! Welcome to Fiverr, wishing you success. I am from India
  8. Hello Patrick! Welcome to Fiverr, wishing you success.
  9. Hello Welcome to Fiverr, wishing you success.
  10. Hello Fred! Welcome to Fiverr, wishing you success.
  11. Be patient and do all regular necessary activities and dont violate any fiverr policy.
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