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  1. It’s been three weeks since I have posted my first gig. I has only gathered 163 impressions till now. Can somebody guide me on how to increase visibility on Fiverr? https://www.fiverr.com/nipomita/write-seo-friendly-amazing-content-for-your-blog
  2. Hello guys. I joined Fiverr in 2016 but my account was unused. Only recently I made my first gig but even after that, no buyer request are being shown. I have three questions to be clarified:- How do I get to see buyer requesst?How long does it take for buyer requests to be visible?Will my inactivity since 2016 affect my future prospects here? If Yes, should I then open a new account and deactivate this one?
  3. Even after subcategory selection I still can’t see any buyer requests.
  4. Yes I am enjoying. 🙂 Thanks. D you also have a shop on Fiverr?
  5. I had joined way back in 2016 but I didn’t use my profile. It’s only recently that I have made my first gig. I believe Fiverr is like a market and my gig is like my shop. So please do visit my shop. 🙂
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