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  1. I want to make a fiverr Pro-verified gig. How to do this? Or how can i make my existing gig as pro-verified?
  2. If you asked for rating, you will banned. Don’t try to do this
  3. Editing gig reduce order. Now i am afraid about changing gig image.
  4. If i change my gig image, will it affect to get buyers order?
  5. Does the fiverr deduct some of the money from tip, that the buyer gives us?
  6. If you’re thinking on asking your buyer to review you, DON’T DO IT!!! You’re risking getting a warning for doing so! If your buyer reviews you, great! If not, let it be - it’s the buyer’s prerogative to decide whether or not to review their sellers. I’m not asking buyer to review me. Buyer asked me after 3days of delivery. He wanted to know how can he rate me?
  7. Order automatically completed after 3days. now, buyer wants to know, how can he rate me? Please help me to provide the answer.
  8. Your gig is new. Impressions aren’t there yet. Now, what if you edit, and if not, or what?
  9. Really?? Thank you so much bukhari for the important info.
  10. If i make any changes to the gig, the order is reduced. What could be the reason? Any idea?
  11. Wow!!! Thank you so much!! The answer helped me.
  12. I know that, you told me that, it won’t help me. I don’t wanna know either it will help me or not. I just wanna know, if i upload my certificate in gig. Is there any problem? Got my point?
  13. i’m already using my works picture. In additional i wanna add my certificate. if i do this is there any problem?
  14. I have already used my own work. I want to add an extra gig photo(my certificate).
  15. Can i use my Certificate as gig photo?
  16. Completed a job with revision. Now i’m tired. 2 orders in queue. wanna sleep with peace.
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