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  1. Hello man, I have seen your topics that you will open your multiple accounts. One is web developer and one graphic design. Well you can. I took permission a few days ago because i am a level 1 seller in fiverr and i will open another account. My account is static graphic design. And another will be motion graphic design based. Now you have to permission first with fiverr. Save their email. That’s it. Now remember this three reasons Your gig will be different from each anotherYou can’t massage or order each anotherPayment method will be different That’s it. Now you will be safe. Your accounts will not be damage.
  2. Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. I have a question. If you solve it. I will be very helpful that can i give my portfolio link as a google site. But there is not my personal details. It is just my portfolio that’s it. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone I have a question that my wife’s have a google site for her portfolio and there are no personal details given. Can she share her portfolio on google site?
  4. Hello everyone can you help me that I have a fiverr account. Can i open my wife’s account in different category or different gigs in my one pc?
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