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  1. Thank you for taking the time and clarifying it like this. đź‘Ť I am comparably new to this site (2020) so i did not experience what you did.
  2. You know what, you might be right in that. Actually this would be a way out, I mean saying buyer my username is what can be mentioned in the book. However, I don’t think nimi_art is the real OP’s name. He could put it in the profile but this might not be what OP wants. I didn’t dig deep enough to find the website. 🙂 The website was more of an experiment and a waste of money and energy. You did not miss much…marinapomorac must have been the only visitor, excluding myself and maybe some of my family xD
  3. Why? And why? It was normal 3,6,10 years ago to sign up with your name and surname on Fiverr so why is the sudden mystery revolving true identity? If someone asks for my name I tell them my name, why do I need CS for this? He has a website already or maybe it is new. it is just not set for buying artwork yet. So it is not against the TOS to give your full name? I just took a look again and this seems kind of correct if you do not use the real name for means of communication outside of fiverr. Then again it is not very “anonymous”. Here is what is stated exactly : “To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, 5kype(5=S)/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.”
  4. Understood. However, in long term, you would probably need to step up from the shadow in case your name is mentioned in books. Out of your profile description: “PLEASE REPORT STOLEN ARTWORKS ON FIVERR! Upon my first search for fellow artists, i have found numerous stolen fantasy art pieces here. It is a warzone.” You seem to love what you do and don’t like that your works could be stolen. You know the answer. Others have already brought ideas for pseudo, this might be the right approach for you. Yeah you might be right there about the pseudo and i should maybe just take my username until i found something better. I really love doing this…i just need to get better and quicker fast or at worst more expensive in order to really pay my bills from this work, but that truely is a different topic.
  5. it makes me sad that only women have to deal with this on a regular basis…
  6. I am not very skilled with this stuff. Never been a very social person who does all the networking and so on. Fiverr is great because it gave me an exposure, which i would have never had on my own.
  7. good point…but i somehow do struggle with finding one. also all the artists that i look up to don’t really have or use one either.
  8. So how do you react if you do a book-cover and someone asks for your name to have you mentioned in the book as illustrator? I want to reach seller level 2 so i would anyways keep buyers from fiverr on fiver, but i also like to spread my name as an artist who just starts to make money with it. Does giving a name already count as giving out contact information? Up until now i have never given my name, but it would be good to give it away in these scenarios.
  9. “cult instructions”…colour me intrigued =_= i am still waiting for some bananas sociopath to order something really messed up from my dark fantasy painting gig…
  10. i got one where they wanted to hire me and 9 other artists to do 11 paintings each for 100 usd each painting. it was for an artsy movie somewhere in england. lots of blahblah and in the end i realized they were going to sell the movie to a theatre and only then they would pay me xD during the course of our conversation their account was deleted 2 times and they wrote from a similar one. they only kept asking me because their account was deleted each time before they could read my reply in which i answered that handing out contact information(they sent email adresses and so on) to me was against the tos and that i would in any case not work for (potentially) free.
  11. “Trying my best to stay alive and Do something.” Man i you really speak for me there. Just as i was doing good my screen broke a few days ago and now i realize i had no backup plan and a new screen for graphic work is expensive…even if i buy an old used one i will need a colour calibration tool to deliver acceptable work. It is risky, if not stupid, to rely too much on fiver. Anyways! Hello fellow new seller! My hint would be adding a few more different gigs. If i was a young lady and i sure am not, then i would create a selfportrait…because like it or not, a pretty face gets work easier in this world. Your art is nice, but to get more clients to consider working with you, you could add a few drawings which are less subtle and have more value range. Copy one of your works and get a very soft and dark pencil to work on the darkest parts if you want to try it out. (just a hint as a fellow artist)
  12. thank you for taking an extra step to get the review right. if i was your seller and i worked my ass off for your project and then get a 4* by accident…i would be devastated. I would say contact the staff and solve the issue with them. that is one of the things for which they get 20% of the sellers earnings. do not be afraid you might make it worse unless there have been some weird messages going back and forth with the seller actively asking to give him/her a review which they do not deserve in your eyes. a review has to be an honest reflection of the work which was done and the customer support is there to support the users. i do not think they think otherwise. that is all there is to say about it.
  13. So the way i like to understand this(like always - without reading it) is that fiverr gives sellers some extra nice conditions for working for V.I.D. buyers, to keep the sellers motivated to do their absolute best, the buyers satisfied with the results and fiverr rich with many high volume orders. That is a good plan and a win-win aaand -win thing.
  14. scratch question nr 1 please. the rest is still interesting.
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