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  1. Oh yeah, my previous account was tanked after I fell ill and missed a load of orders.
  2. Hey so, I'm making a new fiverr account and was wondering if anyone had any advice on getting back to the top of the search results.
  3. Ah fair, well that puts my mind at ease at least, thanks. That badge do be shiny tho 😂
  4. Yeah, I’m sure it wont give me many more orders and I’m not bothered about the 7 days. It’s just a shiny badge. I just feel like it offers more security. Even if it’s just a small amount. I say this because all I see on the forums is “I’m a level two seller and I’ve been shoved to the last page” often people with thousands of amazing reviews, bringing lots of money into the site. I’ve sat and watched pretty much all of my level 2 competitors get shifted to the last page over the years never to return again, whilst the TRS guys and ex-TRS guys stay in the same place. It could be me next!! I just want to minimize my risk of getting put in the dungeon by fiverr.
  5. If sharing contact details like emails is essential to the completion of the gig then it is allowed.
  6. Damn, really feels like a bit of a death sentence to your TRS status if you get a bunch of cancellations or lates. I don’t think I’m gonna get it. I had really bad health problems just as I hit TRS criteria and got stuck in hospital for three weeks. It was the same time my orders skyrocketed to obnoxious levels too (Worst timing ever) and I just barley managed to keep my level two from lates / cancellations. Just trying not to worry about it and focus on doing well. Hopefully I’ll get that magical email one day that tells me I’ve been promoted 😄 I’ve seen one guy on the forums reclaim his TRS status after I searched for it and he was demoted for similar reasons.
  7. This is nothing to do with covid. It’s due to fiverr’s algorithm change or gig rotation. Covid-19 hasn’t affected anything for me. If anything I think more people will be flocking to the site now that they can’t have employees in offices etc. and more people trying to start online businesses due to being out of work. I’ve had a serious increase in start-ups and dropshipping / e-commerce sites since the pandemic. Everyone is trying to make money online due to being out of work.
  8. Yeah, just an FYI to other sellers. Don’t do this. This sellers gonna a get banned eventually for spam…
  9. You need to differentiate yourself from your competition. What are your target market looking for that your competitors are not providing? I got my first order within a few months because I had a unique selling point. For example. Is your sales copy of high quality? Great. So is all your competitors. However, does your sales copy use in-depth psychology and subliminal messaging to convert buyers? Boom. You’ve just found a uniqe selling point.
  10. Do fiverr re-asses you for TRS status every month?? Or do you only get one chance? So say you don’t make it one month. If you drastically improve for the next few months they might decide to promote you?
  11. Yeah it really sucks for sellers when the buyer is working in bad faith but that’s just the nature of the beast on these marketplaces. They can even cancel after completion if they go to fiverr support. I’ve had orders cancelled months after completion after a positive review. 20+ hours is utterly brutal I do feel for you aha. My jobs are normally very short so it doesn’t bother me too much.
  12. The buyer will ALWAYS win and that is never going to change as fiverr is buyer-centric. So would you if buyers where your businesses entire source of income. They have nothing to gain by siding with the seller. It’s either potentially unhappy buyer that will stop spending money on the site. Or potentially unhappy seller that can be replaced by the millions of others. It’s an obvious choice for fiverr.
  13. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this… It’s been like this for months. Basically, when I get a notification. The notification that pops up on the bottom right is not what the notification actually is. It’s the PREVIOUS notification if that makes sense. So it will pop up in the bottom right “You have 12 hours to deliver this order” then when I click notifications it will ACTUALLY be that the buyer marked my order as complete. Also, I keep getting random notification “beeps” when nothing has actually happened. So like it just beeped twice and when I checked my notifications there was nothing there. Strange.
  14. I didn’t put it at stake purely to prove this lol. It was just a matter of naturally noticing the difference in sales when I fell behind.
  15. Essentially checking your ranking is now useless. This is because what you see in the search results is not what potential customers will see. Every customer will see different results based of their buying habits etc. A few top peformers generally tend to sticky at the top of every search though. Look at the “welcome to fiverr 3.0 thread” on here. It explains it all 🙂
  16. Yes, I’m at 98 percent on my late delivery stats (it was 90%) so stats will recover. Wether my clicks and impressions will is another matter. I can cope with the drop, it’s just the worry of getting permanently deranked at some point due to the mishap. And yes I made a full recovery thanks 🙂 and there was no long-term damage. It was just a freak incident due to some medication I was on for a hormone imbalance that caused my blood vessel’s to tighten and my heart to spasm apparently. Terrifying.
  17. Oh my! I have noticed your posts on the Fiverr Forum and I was concerned something like this could happen. Please take care of yourself and try to stress less. Ah thanks! It was very scary! Healthy living and exercise from here on out 🙂 There’s an awful lot at stake for me in this so stress was naturally high. I’m kinda calming down now a month has passed and my profits have pretty much stayed the same. Although I should be earning more as a few of my gigs half halfed in clicks since the incident. I’m satisfied with my earnings, if I just lose a few thousand a year because of this I can cope (which is what I’ve figured out from analysing the drop on my stats). I just worry of getting deranked due to low performance at some point. That and I may have sabotaged my top rated status. Top rated sellers seem to last much longer on the site than level twos D:
  18. So yeah, I’ve been getting a few sales from reddit. It’s a really great platform for leads. I mainly talk in entrepreneurial subs and start-up ones where business owners congregate. All I do is offer advice on copywriting and people can see from my profile and post history that I’m a copywriter. I’ll also post up my copy and analyse it and stuff to show how good I am at it. I have gotten quite a few direct messages from business owners this way looking for a copywriter. It really works. Just don’t directly ask people for sales. Provide value, make your skills known and let them come to you. Genuinely contribute to discussions and build a reputation. It’s a long game.
  19. Ahhh! I was so close to top rated seller criteria then I had a heart attack and got rushed into hospital and a LOAD of orders came up late. Like at least 20 😱 I realize now I should have given a one - two day buffer time on all of my deliveies, just incase an emergency came up and I would have time to get my affairs in order. It’s not been career killer fortunately but my clicks and sales have tanked on a few gigs, directly after this incident. Was wondering if anyone else faced many late orders at one point and managed to recover?
  20. The search results are now dynamic which means each buyer sees different results when they search. The rank you see your gig at is not what many buyers will see on their side. SEO is no longer that helpful to ranking. It’s more performance based. I.E speed of delivery, lack of cancellations etc.
  21. Yeah, I’ve had this experience. If their attitude stinks and they insult your work, then you’re pretty much guaranteed a negative review if you don’t cancel. They will just find fault in whatever you provide from there on out. I only try to recover the cancellation request if they seem courteous and open to improvement. $5 clients are the worst 😦
  22. “Will you be my friend” is a sure fire way to scare people off 😂 Just keep contributing value and discussion to the forums.
  23. Many other sellers are facing this EXACT same problem following the ineligible promoted gigs notice. The last guy I saw that posted about this got his ranking back after two months of this happening though so there is still hope. Stay strong 🙂
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