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  1. thanks for such a informative post.By the way i wanna know some about a great buyer request. Something how can i start, and gradually what type of sentences make it special. 😐
  2. It is very important to get more order,to active many more time in Fiverr.And send buyer request regularly. Hope you will get more and more. 😊
  3. Its really help full for this tragic situation. Otherwiseit is very competitive to all that confirm an order. Buyers can’t choose easily to give job. Hope all are good will be.
  4. It’s a really hard time to get any order for corona situation 😟.Can anyone give any suggestion for doing this situation.
  5. yes.After 3 days of delivery order has been completed automatically and you get your money…
  6. I suggest you need active more time on fiverr.
  7. Hello innaya, Welcome to a new journey, best wishes for you.
  8. Hello! I am a newbie in fiverr. Firstly i got 2 order in very soon after creating account.But last 15 days i didn’t get any order.So i analyze my gig in many time. Now i want to know that editing gig frequently is a good solution ? Please share some valuable idea…Thanks
  9. very effective words for a newbie,thanks a lot.
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