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  1. plz tell me how I can improve my gig impressions and click and view guide me please here is the link check it https://www.fiverr.com/users/gentalm560/manage_gigs?current_filter=active&days_for_stats=7
  2. help me for this project …I am looking for an ML Developer who can generate true/false questions from the text, for ex:- 1. I will input a text to the code 2. the code will take the text and generate true/false question from the code, ( you can use any technique you want ) Feel free to ask any question to me
  3. there is no if i cancel any order and completion rate doesn’t decreases
  4. i cancel beacause my client wants something extra to requirements due to this i want to cancel my order
  5. yes i want to cancel the order but the problem is that i don’t want to decrease my completion rate do u understand my point???
  6. is there anyway my completion order doesn’t decreases if i have cancel the order
  7. i want to cancel my order using zendesk and i did not want to decrease my order completion time please help me and tell what we put in order value or order number please tell me quick
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