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  1. Hello Everyone. I am a Level 2 Seller. I have been working here for almost 2 years. I sell Planners mostly. Now I want to sell Digital planners. I have a few knowledge about it. So I have few Questions about Digital planner. Please help me if anyone knows about it. 1. Which device is better for a Digital planner? (iPad/ Tab) 2. What type of file I need to deliver to the buyers? 3. Which app is preferable for Digital Planners? 4. What should be the minimum capacity of the device? Thanks in advance!
  2. I know, I checked almost 10 times. There isn’t any line for that!
  3. Yesterday, I got a tip from a buyer. But still fiverr didn’t add it to my earnings. I have notification but can’t see any dollar they added. I can’t understand what should I do?
  4. You are right, it works for me too. But today i’m not getting a single Buyer Request. I am waiting from 10:30 am. 😐
  5. I have read everything thoroughly. To a newbie Send offers to Buyer Requests is also a important thing. Because they will get there very 1st order from buyer request. But you didn’t write anything about it. I mean how and what should we write and what we shouldn’t write while we are sending offers to a buyer request. If you say something about it then it will be so helpful to us. Thank you.
  6. Hello Everyone! It’s being almost 3 months i’m in fiverr. I try to stay online 24 hours. But still not getting that much order. I have send 400 buyer requests but only got 6 orders. I can’t understand what’s the problem and what should I write in my Buyer requests offer that they will feel interested to place the order. Feeling hopeless. Please help me with your experience and advise. Thank You.
  7. Hey, aman may be you didn’t read my post thoroughly. i have mentioned that “I have completed 3 orders already”! But thanks for your best wishes… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  8. If you are new in this marketplace then you should search your gigs in new arrivals option may be there you can see your gigs in 1st-3rd page… 😊
  9. OMG fiverr never allows you to give free offers! Please don’t do that. Just tell them that you are professional or skilled person in this field.
  10. Don’t make it too long. It will be like a just a short pera. Some of information about what buyer wants then some lines about your skills and why he will give you the work. & then what are you providing with your work.
  11. Well, just tell them that you have understand what they need & you can do the work efficiently. Tell them that what will you provide in your service. & that’s how you can attract your buyer to give you the work. Happy journey! Happy Freelancing!! :star_struck:
  12. Same thing happened to me…Bur now everything is alright… 😃
  13. Wow! It was very beneficial. Thank you so much for your valuable opinion.
  14. Improve your gigs as well as when you are sending offers try to make it more informative and convincing.
  15. Hello, I am new in fiverr don’t know much about it. But I have seen your gig & it looks nice.
  16. Hello Everyone !! I am Sanjida, from Bangladesh. I am new in fiverr. I have completed 3 orders and I’m hopeful that I could be a successful freelancer. Keep me in your prayers, Thanks for your attention guys… 🙂
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