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  1. Hi, Yes, you willl be paid for the completed ones.😊
  2. Hi, What service do you provide?
  3. Hi, Pathetic! Seems like buyers can control everything here. In sha Allah you will achieve a good review soon.
  4. Hi, What about this? Looking for a match in Fiverr!!! Screenshot_20210312-120157_Facebook720Γ—1480 130 KB
  5. Please read the TOS. image1035Γ—702 129 KB
  6. Hi enunciator, Thanks for your advice. I will use the recommended tools.😊
  7. Hi samiazam, Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will give it a try in sha Allah.😊
  8. Hi, I was planning to add videos to my gigs.I know the video should be below 50 MB and 75 sec long. Is there any software or video editing tools that can help me to create the videos? Thanks. Regards, Anika
  9. Hi, Thanks for sharing the link. I understood the requirements.I am trying to create a video for my gig. Is there any app which will be helpful? Thanks.😊
  10. Thanks for your suggesstion. My job will take more than 30 days and there are a good number of images. I am going with gmail.😊
  11. Yes, I know that’s suppose to be the case. But they have separate accounts for each of us for their work.
  12. Do you have any idea on how can I proceed?
  13. Hi, I am facing a problem. My buyer is asking me to share my email id with her. As far as I know it is against the TOS. I will work in WordPress. Is there any other option? What should I do? Thanks. Anika
  14. Hi, Welcome to forum. It seems like you do not have any idea about how Fiverr works. Please do research before starting. Yes, you have to write personalized proposals for each buyer request. Good luck!
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