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  1. Hi, I order project from a freelancer and now pictures of it are attached to my review and it shows in his profile. I see that this is automatic. How I can delete my project photos from Fiverr. I don’t feel very comfortable about it. Thx in advance W
  2. Hi, I order quiet a lot on fiverr, many freelancers they just cancel your order, never reply, lazy, arrogant or execute project in such a horrific way(mostly because they don’t read specks), that negative review is a must. However when the order is cancelled or they missed totally my requirements, there is no way to write a review, as to write review you have to accept order and pay, also there is no way to make internal note for myself to avoid this person in the future. And because of it when you look on freelancers reviews you can see only praises, you don’t see how many times particular freelancer cancel order or didn’t deliver on time. Any thoughts on this? As this is extremely frustrating for me Thx semsotgram
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