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  1. I suggest you to share it on your social media platform to take some clicks,views , and impression.
  2. I free now I’m finished because I can’t send an offer on buyer request. now my average rating is 4.2. a client gives me 2.7 ratings. It lows my profile positive rating. I try to make it up by take 2 orders from friends but reach just 4.2 after I calculate it required 2 more orders with 5 stars. 😦 What should I do now?
  3. you should wait until you not get any level on fiverr. gig price keep on 5 dollar.when you reach level one then you may increase it.
  4. i get get 3 order 1 " 2.7 star rating 2 " 5 star rating average rating is 4.2 star but i need more than 4.5 star to send buyer request. is it possible to reset this problem.
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