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  1. If the services are different its allowed with fiverr , but if you going to put same services in both account you will surely ban from this platform , read fiverr TOS first https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  2. mail directly using their email or open ticket through FB ow TW
  3. Its not allowed , you will get ban from fiverr if you share ! Read TOS here https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  4. Yes gigs are continuously rotating, try to be more online , send buyer requests everyday
  5. You better not use the scripts , its not allowed with fiverr download the fiverr app it will be easier
  6. Read the fiverr forum , there was so many helpful articles for beginners
  7. its better to use fiverr App , it will be easier , most of time app shows more requests rather than the PC
  8. Directly contact customer support using there email , Btw you had to ask for a refund before review the order
  9. Yeah this is the better place to learn <3
  10. same experience , once i received promoted option , my gig goes to page 6 it was at 1st page i have no idea what should i do i didn’t get any single order since 16th of sept
  11. You are on better place to learn fiverr !! welcome to fiverr forum !
  12. Buyers are searching services using tags in Logo design , word logo will be a tag hope this helps
  13. Open your competitors gigs and check what they wrote , then right something your own which feel better And change the gig tags
  14. write more attractive gig description and use correct tags
  15. You need get some reviews to list your gig in search, now its maybe in newest arrival list
  16. Thanks for sharing. and dont open / download zip files , because most of scammers send exe files as zip when we unzip it malware start to run in pc . i had very bad experience with one of Nigerian
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