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  1. I am a professional Graphic Designer . Why my Fiverr gig impressive also but to much down. I online 24/7 . Can anyone guide me? My top 3 gig image are below
  2. thanks @antomtjvc maybe this help in feature .
  3. Oaky . sure … i will try improve my communication skill .
  4. Hi , Are work slow down on fiver or i think ? Pleases tell me . if slow down no problem , otherwise help me for getting order . thanks .
  5. i send 1k+ Bayer request but now a time i have only 7 revision. Pleas some one help me . image1560×480 24.4 KB image1305×576 165 KB and please check my profile on fiverr and help me if some were changing required . https://www.fiverr.com/sr_designz00
  6. Some one help me how i gert much more fiverr order . I already send a 800+ request but now time i have totally completed 7 order and in all order no one is custom order . Some one understand want i want to say . https://www.fiverr.com/sr_designz00?up_rollout=true Thanks .
  7. Hi everyone , I have a 2 gig one is Website logo and other is Wedding video editing gig . I complete my 7 order on the website logo design gig but receive no order on the wedding video editing gig . If some one expert please check this gig . and tell me what i can change in this gig or how i improve my wedding video gig . Thank you .
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