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  1. I am not worry about it at all. Neither am I going to ask her about it. It is just, I expected a proper rating and review for my work. It is just like you prepared a dish and someone ate it without any feedback.
  2. Recently, I finished a work for a client and the buyer left without any review. The effort, time and energy I put to finish the task successfully, were ended like this. Although she concluded that the tasks were completed successfully, yet she left with out any rating and review. I have never experienced like this before. And, this is a bitter experience for me. At the end of the day, I am getting paid for the work. However, nothing is more inspiring than a good rating and review.
  3. Welcome @olivia_nz to fiverr. 👋 Nothing is more important than staying sharp and patience. Eventually the order will come. However, you can promote your gigs in social media to see the aftermaths. 🙂
  4. A few days ago, I received a buyer who asked me to do beyond we agreed upon. I told him to pay me extra $$$ for that. At first, the buyer tried to convince me. Then, some later date, the buyer raised the price a bit. But, I stood in my position. It is like a business, what we are doing on fiverr. Like all other business, sometimes we have to say NO.
  5. Good idea @mjensen415. In times like this, playing video games can at least turn our mind into some excitements.
  6. Don’t be disappointed. Refresh yourself every day, learn where you are lagging behind, make research and generate new ideas. Try to respond as much buyer request as possible.
  7. Since when you are facing this? If this is something occasional, then try refreshing the page. Hopefully, they will come back.
  8. Please see the attached screenshot. Screenshot_3907×136 9.53 KB
  9. @zainmia; It is not like I have not found anything relevant. Upon close inspection, I am getting two most relevant sub-categories. One is the data entry and the other one is the financial consulting. And, ‘other’ is not defined it is like throwing stones in the darkness.
  10. Hi there, I hope you all are fine. I am about to make a new gig. And, I am a little-bit stuck in determining the sub category. To provide suggestion, here I am opening up. I provide service related with accounting and bookkeeping of any business. So, I do understand that my category is ‘Business’. However, in determining the sub-category I am in dilemma. As there are lot many options and some of them seems really close. Determining the sub-category can influence my gigs sale and receiving buyer request. Therefore, it is a sensitive issue. To make things easy, I have attached screenshots of the sub-categories. Looking forward for your valuable recommendation. 🙂
  11. This work from home line is getting way over used by the media. The reality is that very few people can work from home. If you work in retail or any customer facing role, you can’t do diddly squat from home. Neither do the vast majority of people suddenly being told to self-isolate have the savings necessary to survive more than a month max without any income. Lots of people not being able to pay their bills puts pressure on banks. As a result, they stop lending. As a result of that, a lot of the people running to Fiverr with new startup ideas that require digital services to get off the ground suddenly find they have no $$$$'s to spend. On top of all that, last year saw a massive decline in equity purchases and a massive increase in consumer debt and debt defaults worldwide. All the triggers for a new financial crash were pulled last summer. The coronavirus is at best a coincidence or at worst a nice scapegoat for an economic disaster that was going to strike anyway. The only thing freelancers can do now is brace themselves for the inevitable wave of freshly unemployed blue collar workers who will suddenly all decide its time to start life coaching. They will come, and we must be ready. @cyaxrex; that’s a fine analysis done there and I can’t disagree more. The winter is coming.
  12. I thought the effect to be opposite. You know due to outbreak, people will tend to move outside little. And, finish much of their work from home. That will generate sales for us. Well, that’s my hypothesis.
  13. Wow!!! That’s alarming, things like this happen on fiverr.
  14. Hello, Welcome to Fiverr. Fiverr works in two ways. One way is that you develop your gigs. The gigs will remain in fiverr. Any seller who will find your service attractive, bid on that. Or may ask you more regarding your service and pricing. The other way is for you to look for ‘buyer requests’. And, you bid on the requests matching your skills and price. You can upload a gig in the time of submitting ‘buyer request’. No, Fiverr does not allow for payment directly to you. If you get an order, fiverr will collect the money from buyer in advance. Upon successful completion of the task, you will receive the money from fiverr.
  15. @mjensen415, wow !!! that’s a great news. I have visited the beta site https://www.fiverr.com/logo-maker. And, I must say it is very user friendly. Cheers…
  16. Thank you ‘Fiverr’ for the effort. I have downloaded it. Hope to get some great recommendations from there.
  17. @aayushagrawal92 If I do that, is there any chance that my edited gig impression, clicks will decline? I have heard that the edited gig loose their impression, clicks.
  18. Thanks for sharing your experience However, I am not going to take any risk. 👍
  19. If you type “gig rank lost after editing” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may wish to read before doing anything. I just did that. It seems there are no shortcuts. 😑
  20. Hello, I hope everyone is doing awesome. Since the last couple of days, I have been thinking about upgrading my gigs. In the process of doing so, I have found that creating a new gig consumes time. Then came the idea, what if I modify my existing gigs? What will be the impact then? I mean in terms of impression, views and clicks. Another point is, I assume that modifying an active gig will not make my gig status ‘pending’. En-light me. :thinking:
  21. @faruque2018, if the buyer cancels the order on his own. You should not face any problem getting order.
  22. Cheers @smmostafaanib. I will be really grateful, if you give me some tips behind your achievement.
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