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  1. I’m fairly new to Fiverr, but it seems to be slowly turning into a very useful tool for a little extra cash. Obviously i understand that everyones story will be different, but i was just wondering how ofter you guys are getting gigs.
  2. Very bad advice!!! NEVER do that, or you’ll risk getting a warning! I hope this isn’t true. Seems like a strange thing to get a warning for.
  3. It is normally not allowed to openly display or promote sensitive data on open platforms. Your images display the name, business, email and contact number for multiple people.
  4. Very bad advice!!! NEVER do that, or you’ll risk getting a warning! Is that true? is it against ToCs to ask for a review!?
  5. Your images might be a little risky. I’m sure data protection might have something to say about them.
  6. I feel this topic might have gotten slightly misinterpreted I feel both parties have valid points. 🙂
  7. Sorry to ask, did you join Fiverr with reviews from the start? Don’t you think you are being too general and unfair to new sellers like us who may have successfully built a pedigree in our niche before joining Fiverr? Do you even know that people pay to have their gigs reviewed on Fiverr? Come on! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a newbie and that I am new to Fiverr doesn’t make me unprofessional or a dumb. Thank God that Fiverr understands that principle which is why I am seeing some new sellers’ gigs ranking above even some top-rated sellers. A new seller today, if given a chance, can become a top-rated seller tomorrow. Cheers! I agree. I have been a seller on Fiverr now for just over a month and found the first 2 weeks extremely slow. But as i started to receive interest, slowly but surely my engagement started to increase. It seems to have a snowball effect. I’m so grateful for my first buyers as they are the reason things are starting to move. Give the little guys a chance and watch them go!!! 🙂
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