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  1. if any buyer texts me, give me your work or portfolio. How to sand my work or portfolio. Fiverr can support any link sand to the buyer. Fiverr can support any portfolio site. Which site link I sent my buyer.
  2. please, tell me how long the massage sends the buyer? I say, just information or details information. 🙂
  3. Thanks for your suggestion. Obviously, I will do your suggestion. But can you more suggestions for me?
  4. First, you should spend your time on fiverr forum. Here you can see many kinds of questions and solutions. Read your buyer request carefully and try to understand what he/she want. If you able to do that. then reply buyer request and write what you provide him. Don’t write a long text. Try to write in short and ask some questions or want some demo so that he must be reply you. 🙂
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