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  1. I just got this today! Let's see what it has got to offer. :)
  2. But that’s exactly what the seller would be doing if they followed your advice - as he / she hasn’t got all the information required to complete the order. This fact is at the heart of the op’s original post. The buyer has already demonstrated unreasonable / unprofessional behaviour. My concern is that the buyer could report the seller for delivering incomplete work, walk away with the work so far for free, and get all their money back - while the seller loses all the time spent on the order, receives an account warning (three of those and you’re likely off the platform for good), and lose the order value. Yes, the seller might get away with delivering an incomplete order and the buyer might be understanding. But then again, maybe not. As sellers we need to stick by the rules. That’s a good point. I was under the impression that maybe there was some sort of understanding with the buyer and seller has got some sort of an idea about the project. My bad.
  3. It’s against the terms of service to deliver an incomplete order and could result in a warning for the seller. Although the buyer is being unprofessional in putting the seller in this situation, it would be risky to deliver ‘something’. The buyer would be within their rights to report the seller - and regardless of how the buyer has behaved - Fiverr will always judge cases based on the TOS. I’m not saying to deliver an incomplete order - but to deliver as per the terms/initial discussion with the buyer and then work up from there. It’s better to get a revision than a cancelled order.
  4. I think that it’s better for you to deliver something and let them hit the revision button in this case, until they share their brief with you.
  5. This will cause more saturation and you’d not appear as someone that special. I know that you’d hear this a lot from everyone here but you probably would have better chances if you appeared different from the rest of the clutter. Also, always display your own work - you don’t want to get blocked permanently. All the best!
  6. I agree, but I believe that it’s a bit flawed. Such things should be checked for qualitative revisions. I have loads of instances, where a client would say “all good, just hitting the revision button because I wanna wait to hear from my team” or most recently " It’s lovely, just marking as revised because I have decided I want to add a new icon that we previously didn’t discuss" This AI better get emotionally intelligent otherwise it’ll screw people for procedures rather than actual mistakes.
  7. Yea, that’s super important and it’s great that you’ve mentioned it. I believe, that every seller should also try becoming a buyer once in a while to understand what’s on the other side of this world. I recently hired and was amazed when I got the exit survey. Gives you loads of insights on what’s going beyond the obvious “delivery completed and 5 stars”
  8. Some buyers are sneaky, they’ll give you a 5 star rating but when Fiverr will ask them how happy they were with your service, they’d say it wasn’t good. I feel, this internal rating system also plays a great part. As the OG post has mentioned, I would say focus on delivering the best quality that you can with the best customer service that you can provide. All these things are too mechanical otherwise. Hope you bounce back!
  9. I don’t think that changing or optimizing your gig titles, seo tags sometimes will harm you. Fiverr does rotate your gig depending on various factors. I think that right now if you could optimize your gigs and see what’s working for your competitors will definitely give you a little push back up on the spot. I would normally spend a week to optimize/research and it works for me. I don’t change the title too often, but I definitely change my gig images or slightly experiment with keywords. All the best, I know that you’ll bounce back.
  10. Not to demotivate you or anything, I’d say just keep doing great work and you’ll get to that level soon. All the best!
  11. Hey! I hope that you’re well and thanks for commenting. It happened just today - yesterday it was fine. I’ve thus taken this opportunity to refresh my gig images and tags.
  12. Hi, So is it some sort of bug or am I the only one alone in this? Best, Jamayal
  13. Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well and coping well with the pandemic. I’ve been trying to figure out something lately, my ranking dropped drastically and although I’m optimizing sometimes It’s good sometimes it’s super silent. It was doing good and Fiverr oftenly features me on their Discover too. So, I did some research myself. When I went into the category Graphic Design > Illustration I could see my profile on Page 1 ( Using Brave Browser) However, when I repeat the same steps on Safari the gig is nowhere to be ranked. Is this something that you have experienced before? I also saw that Fiverr introduced a lot of new categories/sections in the Illustrations Gig thus making your gig fall into a very specific category of Illustrations - the options in my opinion are too broad and no I believe that a normal buyer here doesn’t necessarily know what a lot of these mean. No disrespect to anyone, but that’s what I have experienced. I also suspect that this new update to your gig has also impacted my overall gig performance. Any help or suggestion to rise again and esp this different ranking across different browsers will be appreciated. Thanks for your time and I wish you all a very successful career here! Best, Jamayal
  14. Congratulations and all the best! You got this 🙂
  15. Thanks a bunch - ran a game and it works like a charm. I cleared the browser cache and it seems to be working well now. Thanks again!
  16. Just switched from Brave to Safari and it’s not happening there.
  17. See the attached. Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 7.25.36 PM319×690 53.4 KB Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 7.26.01 PM1783×818 327 KB
  18. That’s a pretty broad question and also a really subjective one. Are you looking for something specific though?
  19. Thanks for a prompt reply. Look forward to it!
  20. Hi, Today at 00:00 GMT was supp to be my evaluation. I have completed all the targets that it takes to advance to level 1 and everything is green. However, my level is still the same? Any leads on when do they usually update? Hoping to get a few answers. Best, Jamayal
  21. Hi, Hope you’re well. I wanted to ask if buyer requests work for decent offers? It’s been a month but I have never heard back from any buyer using that feature. I would assume that my bidding process is slow, maybe because while I’m typing out my proposal there are 24,000 offers already sent? Or is genuinely the cheapest offer that a buyer is availing - considering in mind, that I also freelance through other websites and in my one month of actively fiverring - I’ve observed that the mindset of an average buyer here is to buy everything for cheap. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m in the newbie bracket, that’s why its happening. Maybe I should try bidding for something as low as $5 and see if it works? Would anyone want to share their experience and some insights on how does it all work and how can one benefit from buyer request and actually win something from it. Thanks a lot for your time. Best, Jamayal
  22. Makes absolute sense, I haven’t been able to predict the patterns myself but I concur! I’m gonna keep optimizing until I have absolutely nailed it. Thanks a lot for your time! Appreciate it.
  23. Spot on! This is what I have read a lot along with “market and run ads” - as a new seller, I have been doing decent here but I feel that now my impressions are drastically going down. I haven’t been able to pin point the exact problem as of yet so I was wondering that perhaps what they’re saying is right – maybe Fiverr is built to garner buyers via sellers in distress. Anyway, thanks for your insightful message. Do share anymore tips on optimization or anything that could stop falling impressions. Please and thanks! Best, Jamayal
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