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  1. Thanks. It’s working now… Thanks Fiverr team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  2. Hi Anika, Nice to see you. I am also from Bangladesh and i am working on fiverr with Web development. 😍
  3. wait for your first order, it is near to you. just try to catch. send buyer request, spend time on fiverr forum and share your gigs on social sites. Try to write a professional buyer request reply. 🙂
  4. Welcome to you on Fiverr. Don’t be hopeless, try to be self-confident. If you have skills then you can be success. First, you should spend your time on fiverr forum. Here you can see many kinds of questions and solutions. Read your buyer request carefully and try to understand what he/she want. If you able to do that. then reply buyer request and write what you provide him. Don’t write a long text. Try to write in short and ask some questions or want some demo so that he must be reply you. 🙂
  5. Thanks for your valuable tips. I hope it will help me get order
  6. First of all you need to marketing gigs. Send buyer request. Spend some time on fiverr forum
  7. First of all you complete your gig with unique content. Time you should do start your gig marketing. And you can also spend some time on fiverr forum
  8. Sometimes we faced this problem. Take it easy and wait for CS reply.
  9. It’s not a problem of you. Take it easy . You just try to refresh your browser and it’ll be fix
  10. Refresh your browser … then try to again
  11. Very sad. If CS are also don’t try to understand. Then what should we do
  12. Thanks for your valuable comments you help me get my first order so thank you
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