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  1. Interested in Seller Plus. That is something sounds totally awesome.
  2. Hello, I regularly submit Fiverr buyer requests. And they are gold mine, if we manage to attend them in-time. My concern is that, when a buyer responds to the offer made by us(seller) in Inbox, we should also get a snippet of the offer we made so that we can easily refer to it and respond to buyer quickly instead of having to go back to the list of Offers that we made and then match the buyer name and read the offer we made. It's of course easy but it takes a bit of time to respond to buyer as buyer has reached our to us considering that as we have already sent the offer to them we know they want and hence they don't mention about the offer but ask some random question like "how long will it take"? or something like that. So, when a buyer a reaches out to us from our buyer request, if we get a snippet of the offer made, it would help a ton, especially when we are checking and replying the message from Mobile. I would be happy to know what other sellers think about this feature? Also, if we can get response from the Fiverr staff, it would very much help. Thank you.
  3. Rating today on my seller profile. Result of hard work. It can't get any better. Thanks to all my buyers and Fiverr.
  4. It can't get any better ! Thank you buyers.


  5. Maybe not, but it is Fiverr’s platform and they get to decide what the algorithm is. Absolutely ! It’s because we’re also part of Fiverr, and feel like family members, we happen to think of ideas ! Thank you for your time @vickiespencer
  6. Depends upon on which day and at what time have you initiated the transfer from Fiverr. In my experience, on weekdays, when I initiated the withdrawal before 9 AM, it gets transferred the same day by evening. And when initiated on Saturday or say after 12 PM, it takes 2-3 days. Good luck on receiving first payment !
  7. I often gets tips from buyers. That’s the ultimate thing. Of course, I never ask for it but when you get a tip, that feeling is awesome. Sometimes, buyer leaves tip first before leaving the feedback and giving rating. It tells that the buyer is so happy with your work. “Tip” is indeed a great feature that Fiverr has added. Thank you very much.
  8. Best thing here you can do is that, send the screenshots of actual work delivered in comparison to what’s advertised in your gig. Fiverr customer support has always been helpful in my experience. You need to share facts and figures and screenshots. That would help CS better understand your concern. Hope this helps.
  9. I attended a Fiverr webinar recently. The Fiverr presenter said that this happens after things like a cancellation or a poor “secret” buyer review. When I have been a buyer, I found that buyers are sent two different secret reviews to fill out on the buyer. Each about different aspects of the order. So, perhaps your buyers have not given you the best “secret” feedback? Yes, that’s possible. But we have no control there. And if so, alone that shouldn’t be the reason in terms of Fiverr algorithm. As a seller we would wonder then, what about all those awesome reviews that many other buyers shared? No weightage or importance of it? ! And I have observed that say 5% of buyers do not get happy, not matter how best quality work you provide to them ! So in this case, how can Fiverr rely upon their secret review? I mean, what’s the genunity of buyer’s review? Does Fiverr also confirm it by going to order page and seeing things? Also, I’ve noticed that, when an order gets cancelled, the completion ratio drops instantly, right then. But even after 4-5 order successful completion, it doesn’t increase ! After all such experiences, where buyer sometimes misuses Fiverr’s “Request for revision” button, simply to send you a message so that order remains “In progress” even though you’ve delivered it all. So based on, all such experiences, as a seller, it feels that, are the sellers expected to be “YES MAN” and “YES WOMAN” where they do not argue at all with buyers no matter even if buyer is delivered with everything as advertised ? Simply, say “YES” to everything and keep working and working? This I’m sharing because, “revisions” is something that happens a lot and multiple times in “logo design” category. And that’s totally perfect as I am in the industry knowing this. But the thing is that, even after delivering everything and more (I believe in giving more to clients, say for example, a free Favicon), what if buyer leaves the review based on their mood, overexpectation and not in terms of scope of order?
  10. There’s always a chance to move on. You should be happy to survive from Covid-19 infection. Many didn’t. Take that as a positive sign and input your efforts and hope yet again. And we look forward to see a post from you in a year from now that you’re doing better. All the best.
  11. @bmsviz47 Payoneer works best. It charges $3 on bank transfer, no matter what the amount is. While PayPal charges a percentage on the given amount so an Payoneer would be better compared to PayPal when it comes to withdrawing money. Hope this helps.
  12. How often would they be on the first page if there are 165,000 plus logo design gigs? Hello @vickiespencer I’ve seen 5-6 gigs always on 1st page on “Logo Design” category. Of course, on every refresh, their position changes, but they are there on 1st page, always. This I have seen consistently for last 1 year. And they always have orders between 50-300 in queue. Few things I observed about their gigs are as following: They are on platform for last 6+ years or moreThey’re ranked for top keywords like: minimal, flat, minimalist, unique, modern etc. highly competitive gigs.Fiverr also promotes couple of them manually in their promotion, i.e. in promotional e-mails that Fiverr sends.So, it’s not always that new sellers take away places of old sellers, but the thing is that, very old and prominent sellers remain there. It’s the issue with the sellers who recently reached Level 2. It’s the issue of ‘stability’ that is haunting the Level 2 sellers at the moment. For example, if I share my experience, my journey from New Seller to Level 2 was rapid. It just happened in the blink of eye. My logo design gigs were being promoted under “Promoted Gigs” and I was getting good amount of orders daily. Life was good. And then suddenly… yes… suddenly… gigs were not being promoted (paused by Fiverr) and sales drop like 10 to 1. This hurts. I mean, when you’ve become Level 2, you’re pumped up with energy of increasing your strength, team, sources and you’re looking at Fiverr platform as full-time business. This is my concrete observation.
  13. So based on this reply, there are three possible ways I can think of that can get you orders: Your gig is displayed on 1st page or Recommended by Fiverr, so you get organic promotion and your gig gets orders. This is what every seller dreams of, because they just want to do what they are good at and don’t bother about finding clients as well. You(here me too!) promote your gigs on social media and attract clients by doing self-promotion. This is what we as sellers will have to push ourselves towards. You get orders from your existing clients. This is applicable if you’ve a huge amount of clients so a percentage of it reorders your gigs.
  14. This is a bit specific concern. I have recently seen my gigs paused for long(2-3 weeks) from being promoted under Fiverr’s awesome feature “Promoted Gigs” which used to bring new sales and customers. I have tried few things to make sure my gigs are upto the mark and meet the quality standards but nothing seems to have worked so far. I’m quite optimistic though. Any advise on the algorithm or quality standards to follow, will really be helpful. I’m a graphic designer and my prime services are logo and brand design. My gigs are listed under respective categories of “Logo Design” and another “Brand Style Guides” under main category of Graphics & Design.
  15. When your profile gets boosted, your gigs begin getting huge amount of impressions and orders respectively. That’s something you and me are here for as a seller, right? Well, the actual game begins from here. You get the buyers who actually read your gig description, understand the packages you’re offering and place order. They know what they will get for what they’ve paid. These are the buyers with total clarity. They know both the things: 1. What you’re offering and 2. What they want. So if you’re dedicated, hardworking and creative, such an order or such a buyer is a boon to you, because, there isn’t any other funny business involved. You design(I’m a graphic designer so) what they require and job is done. Period. And then, as your impressions increase, you also get inquiries and orders where buyers either have read at a glance or expect you to reiterate it all that you’ve already shown on your gig portfolio, gig images, packages and in FAQs. Here, you feel like requesting them to read the gig through ! But you can’t (fear of losing the client or lead), won’t (you’re used to it) or shouldn’t(no need to get involved in the argument zone). Best practice here what I’ve observed is that not to get too lucrative or fearful about losing the client, instead with respect, try to show them or reiterate what you already have explained in gigs. This is when the Custom Responses come in place. Simply, create custom responses for the frequently asked questions. There would be maximum of 5-10 such questions. This will help resolve the issue. And your time will be saved. Hence, always focus on best buyers. And believe me, you’ll get a lot of them here on Fiverr. I’ve got and many other successful sellers have got. So let’s invest our energy and attitude towards that green zone where we get buyers with whom we can work comfortably. As our focus will be here, the energy that gets disturbed by other troublesome buyers will be converted into a more positive energy and you’ll start enjoying the work you’re doing. This post is not a TIP for other sellers, although it is, but I’m writing it also for the purpose of a reminder to myself. I know that Fiverr is an outstanding platform. One needs to stick to it and success happens.
  16. @thatwordchick not just your post is interesting and thought provoking but the some replies as well. You must be proud to have inspired and let other sellers speak their mind. It’s such posts that I come to Fiverr forum for. Thank you.
  17. Hello Rag, Loved reading your post and that inspired me to take a look at your profile. And I just felt Wow! - $100.000 with 319 reviews (may be few orders without reviews). So it’s kind of a very inspirational story you’ve ! Also watched your Gig video. It’s indeed funny, creative and inspiring. Thanks for the motivational dose through the best practical tips, particularly the tip no.3 regarding madness ! In fact all of them. You may like to take a look at my profile (errr… no promotion… but yeah promotion !!) and feel free to share your suggestions. Let’s keep in touch.
  18. January 2021 has begun and so has flow of new orders. Thank you everyone for your replies.
  19. Hello, I’m bit curious to know that how is your December 2020 going on in terms of orders? I see sort of drop in number of orders in December. I provide logo design services. I’ve also read few posts here on forum, from years 2018 and 2016 about orders decreasing in the month of December, every year. Any other graphic designer experiencing less amount of orders in December? And if you’re selling services other than Graphic Designing, how is your December 2020? Sincerely, Logo Supreme
  20. As a professional logo designer and owner of a branding studio, I’ve had quite interesting, fruitful and learning experience with buyers who hired me to design logo for their company/service. As we all know that creativity has no boundaries and one can always feel that a design can be better and better ! Hence, it’s very essential as a buyer who is looking to get a logo designed to understand this and make sure that he/she gets logo which matches with his/her vision. So how as a buyer you can achieve it? Following 4 tips can help you to get the logo of your vision designed within the timeline and in a smooth manner. Sketch: Do you think that you can draw a rough sketch of the logo that you’ve in mind? You don’t need to be great at drawing for this. But if you think you can do a primary sketch with pencil and paper, it would take half of the hassle. As we know that a picture speaks a thousand words, so a sketch would help better than a 1000 words long brief! This would help seller to understand your vision with utmost clarity. This will help buyer to save time and energy and at the same time get what is needed. But this is optional as sometimes, as a buyer you don’t know what exactly you would like until you see the designs ! But if you think that even if you can do a very primary sketch to begin with, it can get things done quickly and as expected. Color preference: In my experience, I’ve received the exact hex code of colors from buyers which they want me to use for their logo. And it’s not so hard to get hex code or RGB code of the color that you like. And if you think that it’s too technical, you can simply share the image of the color that you like. This will make sure that you don’t go through logo concepts in colors that you don’t like. Of course, you can ask the logo designer to provide the same logo concept in different colors so that you can compare, but that’s a secondary matter. So if you have favorite colors you want used in the logo, simply share the same with designer. Characteristic preference: A logo is not just a word but an ocean of creativity ! It literary is. A logo can be minimal, simple, feminine, masculine, fun, sporty, serious, vintage, luxurious, colourful, conservative, extravagant and so on. So if you know how exactly you want it to be, you can also share the same with seller. I’ve personally listed such few characteristics to choose under requirement form itself, so it makes easy for a buyer to decide and choose the style that fits with the purpose and branding of their business. Brand Style Guide / Branding Booklet: Although, some buyers simply get the logo designed, now a days a brand style guide aka branding booklet is also very essential in terms of building your brand and making sure that your brand leaves the permanent effect in people’s mind. We can discuss at length about “What does a ‘brand’ mean?” but I’ll leave that for now ! But I can tell that what a branding booklet contains. It contains color palette(colors - color codes - used to create your logo), Typography (font names used to create your logo), Do’s and Dont’s(How to and how not to use logo), Usage Guidelines, Iconography etc. Now, how is this helpful? Well, it becomes quite handy when it comes to designing other graphic material (like brochure, pamphlet, ad etc.) and printing and web material. You can simply forward the branding booklet to designer so that he/she uses the same colors, typography etc. making sure that your branding value is not disturbed. I hope that these 4 TIPS for Buyers are helpful if you’re looking to get your logo designed. Thank you.
  21. @mjensen415 - looks like the above link not working. It’s not taking to the blog but redirecting to seller support page.
  22. Hello @mjensen415 thank you for sharing story of V.I.D. Eric Colburn. It’s quite an inspirational story considering number of business he runs at an young age. Among 3 tips shared by Fiverr, the 3rd one is very essential (1 and 2 are as well), which says “Be open to trying new Gigs!”. You never know what you can get from who? I mean, sometimes, a new seller too can provide outstanding work despite not having many reviews at the beginning. It’s my personal experience that even as a new seller here on Fiverr earlier I got opportunities from V.I.D. and it was a five star experience in terms of design and communication.
  23. Yes, this is an interesting program. When we receive an order from VID, we can work with better inspiration knowing that the buyer is very much adapt to Fiverr system and hence as a seller we can totally focus on the work. This helps. Thank you.
  24. Fiverr is an awesome community where I’ve joined with hope of lots of opportunities. Totally proud to be part of it. Thank you Micha.
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