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  1. Warm welcome to fiverr forum! I wish you the best of experience
  2. Sister maybe I am actively on fiverr 15-16 he But nothing yet any good results
  3. My basic package 10 Standard 85 Premium 225 So tell me what price best for me give me suggestions
  4. Hello everybody, I have created 7 gigs and sent 350+ buyer request but still, I can not get any order What can I do See my gigs if any issues tell me just I need to know my fault https://www.fiverr.com/share/NN5ooG
  5. Someone help me with the new rules of fiverr. I don’t understand how to communicate with clients. Give me some advice. Thanks in advance to all
  6. Yes But I am more time spend on fiverr also Forum More time I am nothing get any order.
  7. Can you help anybody how to I am get more order on fibre I am already active 18 hours so how to I am get more order anybody help me
  8. Must be do marketing then complete the 10 bidding Just now do that’s I think enough
  9. Just Focus on whats want to buyer then discuss to him/her then provide your before work sample then he/she confident to you , later you Think about you get order or not
  10. Great for that results but where are Bangladesh here is more of buyer & seller
  11. I am not clear about it either, neither you, nor myself, why either of us are here. It’s the age old question “Why am I here?” for which there is no answer. I am spend the more time s on Fiverr foram wha benefit for me? That’s one I am not clear
  12. It sounds like you request mind reading. You find yourself on the forum but do not know why. So you need others to explain to you why you are here. Am I understanding you correctly? I am not clear about that
  13. Now Fiverr extend the time 7 days auto complate the order
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