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  1. @mariashtelle1 Thanks. How to deal with such situation? Out of office option should I choose? Can I communicate with a buyer with that option on?
  2. Hi, Here’s the situation. On may 15th My ISP and Mobile network had to shut down the internet service due to a riot. Administration wanted to stop it till evening of May 17th. I received 2 messages between those days. I couldn’t reply then. My response rate dialed down to 80%. I replied to those messages on 17th. My response rate had dialed down to 75% and it was down to 67% without receiving any messages. After this I’d received messages from a client and replied those quickly as possible. My response rate is still 67%. What should I do?
  3. You are trying to say I should add “scanned documents” to my gigs’ title. I found two different niche where Buyers can convert their files. One is under Virtual Assistant and the other is under Programming and Tech > Convert Files.
  4. Hello, Here’s a link to my profile https://www.fiverr.com/digimen43? It becomes difficult for me to bag a order. Gigs view, impression and clicks are good. I can’t convert to a order. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Today I’ve encountered a order saying that somebody needs help taking persons vendors catalog and uploading it on his\her catalog of items for a online store. Here arises the question - how do I engage Fiverr to get delivery of work done? I’ll be obliged if someone share his\her experience to handle these sort of requests. Thanks, Digimen.
  6. I managed to complete my first order. I guess everyone feels almost same on first step towards success. I feel frustrated cause there’s nothing happening. Now I am able to see buyers requests and sending offers to them. What I can say the cogs are moving. @mariashtelle1 and the rests thanks for showing the correct path. I’m going to look into it and rectify my strategies.
  7. Hello, It’s been 10 days, I joined Fiverr. I’ve already created 2 gigs under different subcategories. One is Business - Data Entry(for typing jobs mainly) & the other is under Business - Virtual Assistant (file convert). I hardly see buyers request. I’ve gone through about buyers request topic on this platform. What makes me feel frustrated is - am I selling products those don’t have any costumer? Nobody’s posting jobs under those niches? Views, impressions and clicks suggest people watching my gigs. Somehow I fail to get any order. Suggest me what I should do. Thanks.
  8. Hi Maria, Thanks for quick response. Don’t laugh. I’ve been using old 15" CRT. What do you think, now ? It’s a bug ? How do I proceed ? Thanks Maria it worked. Won’t forget you 😃
  9. Hi, I’m new here. FiverrDashboard1024×669 25.1 KB Here’s the image of my dashboard in seller mode. Take look at it and tell me whether my dashboard is working fine or just a bug. I saw in videos there supposed to be few options including “Messages”. I can’t find the buyers request option too. If that’s not a bug, how do I reach out to the buyers ? Thanks.
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