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  1. On the contrary, based upon official news reports, there are at least 20 major companies and research entities rushing – yes, working as fast as they can – to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Just because your work experience may be lower these last two months, has absolutely nothing to do with the speed and determination with which professionals are developing a vaccine. I’m actually not talking about “others”. I was talking about those who ordered from me…
  2. Judging by the nature of the projects my clients usually hire me to work on… I can assure you that making vaccines is not one of them. Making money, on the other hand, yes, they’re definitely making that. 😉 This is so true, From the work and discussion I got in the past 2 months, practically no one is rushing for the vaccine… “we need 1,000,000% ROI”, “something which drives sales”, and so on, But no one is to be blamed either :man_shrugging:t5:
  3. No clue :man_facepalming:t4: I’m searching for 2 days now :rofl:
  4. I’m sorry about it. Is it possible that they were so evil and pretended to not know, so that you would take a hit?
  5. If buyers initiate cancellations sellers don’t take a hit? Is this accurate? If there is anything I can do here, it’s make the buyer not want to work with me. I’m not sure about the stats, but I think your buyer can leave a review (like maybe a one star saying “the seller could not do the work”) There is no writings in Fiverr’s TOS that buyer should contact us before ordering (I mean, all of us describe everything in the gig description but we know buyers are lazy to read, and most buyers just won’t do as you say) What I suggest is to use all your 10 requirements in the following manner: use 5 for basic and standrd gigs,use 5 for premium packagesmake all requirements mandatoryExample: 1 ~ 5 “what is…?” 6 ~ 10 “if you have purchased the premium package, please write down XYZ. if not, please answer NP” Or something like that, The advantage is that your buyers will not be able to start the order without filling the requirements, and if they are basic or standards orders, it will be easy for them to complete the requirements. If they are Premium, they will have to be serious about it. If they are not, then your order is not going to start (less hard-and-frustrating work for you). If the order start without an accurate filling of the requirements, you can use that as a stronger proof to the CS rather than saying they did not provide enough information. This question is divided in two parts, first, the chance to cancel, and second, the stats. For the second part, I really don’t know. But for the first part I have some theories: CS is more likely not to cancel it. Because there is no statement saying that the buyer has to contact you before ordering, even if you instructed them to do so.CS is more likely not to cancel it. Because Fiverr gets commissions, which is a fact. And the higher the amount, the better it is for the commissions. (Fyi, some gigs start at $100 and they still have 5~10 orders in queue every day, while the delivery day is set at 24h)CS is more likely not to cancel this order. Because it can be solved between you and the buyer. As stated in the formation on “how to become a better seller on Fiverr” (I’m not sure this is the accurate title though), communication is the key. So it’s like testing your communication skills as a seller, so to say.IMPORTANT I am not judging the CS, the buyer, or you. This is just some theories, with some suggestions. Please do not take this personally. The most effective way to handle this in the future is to use your Requirements Page as a tool for all packages, not only for basics and standards orders. NOTE This can be an improvement in Fiverr’s site. Like setting specific requirements for each package. But that also means more work for sellers One way to counter those orders is to put in your description something like “I don’t accept orders which are against Fiverr’s TOS”. So you’ll be able to defend yourself that human skin business-related order is something against the TOS (I’m not an expert but you know what I’m trying to say) Imagine, CS see this and say something like “okay, you know it, then why did you do it anyway?”. And they don’t cancel the order. (this is supposed to be a joke, but it’s not funny when I say it) :man_facepalming:t4: Which is practically not possible. They purchased because they want to work with you. And you don’t want to take a hit (stats or reviews) so you’ll want them to have good experience with you. In one point of view, this is correct. In another it could be that this amount was really easy to afford for them. So they may think that “you are the expert, I purchase the premium because I have the money, and I want to be treated like a premium, but I order basics stuffs, etc.” NOTE If the buyer sees this, please don’t take it personal, we are only discussing probabilities I really have no clue about this, but I’m open to the discussion too. I hope this helps 😊
  6. If the staff is not doing this yet, they should really consider it 😅
  7. There was a buyer with no reviews who wanted to work with me. At first he said “I’ll give you X$ if you write a simple vision, mission, values and goals for my company”. I tried to gather as much information as possible, such as the industry of the company, its stage (launch?), the purpose of the writings,etc. All he agreed to tell me is that it’s for a business plan. After telling him that we would not be able to start before he tells me the industry he finally said it’s pharmaceutical industry (it took him 3 days to say it is pharmaceutical industry) So I made an offer. But he said “I need some sample work first, I don’t care if you copy paste from internet, just change some words to avoid copyright issues. And make it general” I refused to do any copy paste, and because of that he got angry at me :man_facepalming:t4: Moreover he yelled about how long everything was (I kept everything in one or two sentences). He said it lacks precision (although he instructed me to make it general). Then he requested another sample. But this time I wrote a renowned company’s vision and mission statement (to get his opinion only of course, not to steal anything). He replied that there is a lot of grammar mistakes, and written in poor English, etc… Right after that I told him “Kindly refer to another writer as my writing skills are not matching your expectations, thank you” This was the first bad experience I got on Fiverr ever. He added “if I want to I can copy from the internet. I guess I’ll have to do everything myself, or find someone else”. I so wanted to tell him go ahead. Some sellers like me may not be as skilled as experienced sellers, but I think there is no need for a buyer to harass others to get what he wants
  8. I’m not an expert but I’m sure you can’t make an expensive V/O to be sold with cheap materials to start with. Fiverr has it’s TOS to express its “Fairness” Please let’s not drive away from this thread’s topic. Kindly start a new topic please, if you would want to discuss about how to price gigs the right way. Thank you.
  9. Which means that (fairly speaking) you should not price for value as a seller if you’re not ready to buy for value as a buyer, as simple as that. Fiverr is all about fairness.
  10. I think in the end it’s all about how you negotiate with your client. Everybody knows the price on the gig is often used as an indication because most buyers will ask for a custom offer. So this is what I suggest “them” (refering to the people you are talking about) Discuss with the client how long is the V/O etc. All the detailsDo some research: you probably have the name of the channel in the script (I’m not saying you should subscribe to the YouTube channel, and start communicating with your client etc…). Determine the number of subscribers, and how much would it worthCharge accordinglyIn fact you could just propose THE fixed price, but that is exactly where negotiation comes into play, to get your Value-based Price. So for less subscribers, it would be $5, and for 10k subscribers it would be $100 (or whatever price you think of) I hope this helps Note Analysing the channel is for research only, NOT to communicate with your client outside of Fiverr If you don’t have any clue about the channel’s name, you can directly ask your buyer how many subscribers they have. Thank you for your attention
  11. this is what I propose, @uk1000 and @maitasun will make a duel, and the first to guess (between you) will post the next. How does that sound? 😅
  12. Fingers, yeah, But hand is a possibility too :rofl: It’s a tie!
  13. Hello everyone, Have you noticed this also? Some people asking for a logo or a website are putting a link in their BQs. I mean, isn’t this against the rules? Frankly, I’m confused. It’s like people are trying to generate traffics from Fiverr. And it doesn’t stop there. The links are not simple links like https://example.com, they are like https://example.com/this-is-a-ver-long-text-with-many-numbers-123456789/ Is there anything we can do about this? This is really tiring 😞
  14. Put that tongue to good use by lapping up some cream. 😉 Welcome to the game. It is a lot of fun. 🙂 I’ll play a slightly easier puzzle this time, as we’ve all been working our brains pretty hard recently. Maybe you’ll be able to guess it. Give it a go, if you can! 🕷️ Spy in the Bathroom I’m not sure, but maybe this is right 😅
  15. Sometimes buyers would choose a wrong category for 2 reasons (this is a personal observation though): They don’t know which category to go for Yes, some buyers are still new, just like new sellers, they would do things they don’t really know, and end up in the wrong place Let me give an example. A buyer looking for a website creation (with payment system implementation + super cool interface + adsense ready + many great features) posts his request under “Content Marketing”. I think that the main reason for this is because they are not aware of the “Website Creation” under programming and tech The second reason is because they do it intentionally to avoid an overwhelming market. Let me explain. A buyer once put a buyer request for a blog writing service in (guess what?), UX writing. When we discussed about her project she told me she did not want to get many useless offers, So, if you ask me, I think there is nothing wrong with your gig category, just give it some time, patience is the key here. If this was helpful for you, please let me know, 😊 Happy Fiverring everyone
  16. As you will advance in levels, you can also take advantage of quick responses, just use the {username} code to address directly to your client, For example you are a little bit busy, and you need 3h to start the work, your quick response would be really handy. Some top rated sellers work with assistants, that’s right, I saw some designers’ profile saying that they work with 6 ~ 10 members in their team (it’s not a studio I’m talking about). I don’t know yet if this is a good practice or not, So let me know if you find some answers about that too 😊
  17. The response rate is only regulated by your first interaction to a new conversation, So suppose A sent you a message and you replied in 1h Then B messaged you and you replied in 3h, Your response would be ~2h Now, if A or B messages you again, the time you take to respond them is no longer taken into consideration… I think what happened to you is that maybe you got some spammy messages and decided to ignore them rather than tackling them, so it hurt your stats, The best way to tackle spams is to reply once (as a warning for example, or showing disinterest) then ignore it Hope it helps
  18. I love the game, but I’m not good at guessing It’s a great read though, I enjoy it 😁
  19. For some countries it can be 0% For others it depends on the income (e.g. <200$ per month = 10$ taxes or so) For some other it would be 20% of the income no matter how big or small it is, It’s better if you ask your bankers (they surely know about your country’s practices) If you are not in your home country, you can ask a Teacher to refer a law expert (personally I asked my law teacher, and he provided me a link to the government website related to taxes)
  20. Thank you for your warm wishes, I wish the best for you too, the year is just starting, let’s keep up the good work 🔥
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