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  1. Thanks everyone. I’ve got my gig in promoted gigs section and fortunately I was able to promote it.
  2. Do you mean that you didn’t get an option to pay for “promoted gigs”? If so then they are slowly rolling it out for some sellers, it’s not available automatically to all level 2 sellers I’ve already got the option and one of my gigs is promoted too, it got promoted option enabled as soon as it got 30+ reviews. However another gig of mine is now eligible but it isn’t appearing in promoted gigs section yet. Thanks for your response
  3. Hi, I am a level 2 seller, have 30 positive reviews on my gig, My rating is 5 and I meet all other requirements too. But my gig is still not appearing in Promoted Gigs Section. Is this also happening to anyone else or should I contact CS? Thanks
  4. Hi Amelia, For sure Fiverr will block him… I would suggest that you: Change your Fiverr Account login and security details immediately. Change your google account password (enable 2 step verification too) And if possible reinstall your operating system. I was too hacked… the guy gained access to my whole computer and stole my personal data. The mistake I committed was to take the issue lightly. Fiverr did block him but I wonder does it matter? cause I lost all my data. Hope this helps
  5. Hello everyone, A friend of mine who is a level one seller got ‘promoted gigs’ option plus he also got one of his gigs promoted which only had about 5-6 reviews. Now the question arises did fiverr change its policies about promoted gigs? fiverr evaluates your eligibility according to the following standards: You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated sellerAt least one of your Gigs is in an eligible categoryYour Gig scored 4.7 in public ratingYour Gig has at least 30 reviewsYou meet additional quality metrics
  6. Thanks for your advice brother but I already use paid softwares
  7. Thanks everyone for showing support. Fiverr team was very cooperative and looked into the issue efficiently. Fortunately they were able to recover my gigs. Really appreciate Fiverr CS. Thanks again
  8. Hi, If you are talking about promoting your gigs on fiverr, you need to be a a level 2 seller with at least 30 reviews on the gig you want to promote (REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY PROMOTE GIGS THAT PROVIDE SERVICES THAT ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PROMOTION). You’ll receive an email from FIverr if you are level 2 and any of your gigs is eligible for promotion. Regards
  9. Fiverr support has reached out and temporarily disabled my account (for my own security). They asked me about details, which I provided them. Now again waiting for their reply.
  10. I’ve told them everything… hope they get back to me soon
  11. I don’t know… but my main concern here is my Gigs… I had positive reviews on them and now they all are gone
  12. Hi, Thanks for your response. I had my 2FA enabled. but it seems like he hacked my computer. I have written to CS hope they have backup
  13. Hi, My account got hacked and hacker deleted all my gigs and also sent spam messages to my buyers. He also placed an order to a seller without any reason. Is there any way I can get my gigs back? Thanks
  14. But the thing is fiverr says ‘Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback. & It is against Fiverr’s policies for sellers to solicit feedback from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.’ I never asked for a positive feedback…
  15. Keep responding to Buyer requests… you’ll surely catch someones eye… Best of Luck
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