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  1. Welcome to this platform. I had to wait for my 1st order about more than 30 days. Don’t worry. Share your gigs in social media to promote. Enjoy the forum. Thanks.
  2. Dream will be come true. Wishes you all the best.
  3. Welcome to fiverr forum. Hope you will be able to sell your gigs. All the best.
  4. Welcome to this platform. Enjoy the forum. Wishes you best of luck.
  5. Happy Anniversary. Wishes you all the best.
  6. Thanks for your comment. My basic price is only $5 and maximum time I don’t see any buyer request.
  7. @goldsmydy Thanks for your comment. Maximum time I don’t see any buyer request. I don’t know why it is? I have just send 9 buyer requests. A buyer was replied me. He has spoken with me about a big project. He took all data about the project to me and he said he will comeback to me soonest. 6days gone he didn’t back yet.
  8. I’m in fiverr more than 27 days, didn’t get any order yet. I have 6 active gigs but the impression, view, click are decreasing day by day. I’m doing marketing my gigs in social media everyday, but didn’t get a good result.
  9. Congratulations. Keep it up. hope you will be a top seller soon.
  10. Its totally depends on your skill and attractive gigs’ interface. Promote your gigs in social media. Spend time in forum and learn more. Hope you will get order soon.
  11. Welcome to this Platform. Spend times in forum and learn more. Wishes you will get your 1st order soon.
  12. Welcome to this platform. Spend time in this forum and learn more. Wishes you All the best.
  13. Congratulations. Carry on your hard work. You will get next order soon. All the best.
  14. Don’t worry. I have created my Account for more than 16 days but yet didn’t get any order. I’m hopeful that I will get order soon.
  15. Your assumptions are completely false. Potential clients buy from newbies all the time. You must have great eye catching gigs, thumbnail, and most importantly, an extremely well written gig description. It has to be error free, flows well, makes sense and very, very professional. I’m tired of seeing page after page of junk, Google translated & horribly written gigs. Maybe just maybe it’s not the buyers but the sellers don’t have good gigs. Almost 100% or 99.5% of the million gigs have 5 star reviews so I assure you, for serious buyers, it’s not that enticing. If you think not having review is the reason you haven’t made a sale, you are dead WRONG! Its a valuable suggestion for new sellers. Thank you very much for your kind information and suggestion.
  16. If you deactivate your current account, You can create a new account.
  17. @laxmichakma7 this is my new Id. I have deactivated my previous Id.
  18. Social media. Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
  19. You should marketing your gigs more and more. Hope you will get more order soon.
  20. Thanks for your valuable tips. Hope we will get more tips from you.
  21. Congratulations. Keep hard working and hope you will get your next order soon.
  22. No. 7 gigs should be regard in different expertise of your category.
  23. Create at least 7 gigs and marketing the gigs in social media. Hope you will success.
  24. @newaz_shahin I have created 6 gigs and I’m active also marketing my gigs in social media. But unable to get my first order.
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