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  1. Just change the price, and it won’t get any effect on Gig
  2. Did you read what Zeus wrote? Your question has already been answered. There have been several answers to this already. You could read those maybe? I asked coder_robin, Trust problem.buyer can’t trust on new seller
  3. I am sorry to everyone for the question that caused this intense debate
  4. With all due respect to you and all members of the forum 1 - I asked buyers, not sellers 2 - I asked a clear question to get an answer to improve the services of all new sellers and to upgrade their level, but I received nothing but insult thank you
  5. But this answer is racist, and an insult to all sellers on the site
  6. Thank you brother for your advice and thank you also for the nervousness and excitement in your message Thank you
  7. I am a new seller on the site and until now I have not received any orders Please leave your advice to help me correct my mistakes and develop my services
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