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  1. Follow these things. It might help you. Share your gig on social media Regularly.Re-brand your profile. Make improvements within your Gigs.Send buyer requests.Remain active on the platform.
  2. Try these things, Do some changes within your GIG and make it updated according to your Skills.Share your gig on Social media.Send buyer requests on daily basis.Good luck
  3. Send your Proposals using AIDA Model. You can learn it from fiverr learn course.
  4. Through Social Media. You can also get yours.
  5. I am facing the Same Issues. Anyhow, These things might help you. Re-brand Your profile. Create new Gig in low competition niche. Share your gig on social media and send Buyer requests on daily basis. Remain active on Forums. To see what’s new here. Apply it to your profile. You can also consider Description/prices changes.
  6. At top you’ll see an option for MORE. Click on it. Now click on BUYER REQUEST. There will be an option to send offer to ACTIVE buyer request lists.
  7. Being online has no difference in the amount of sales. So it’s a very bad idea to use any kind of tool that refreshes the browser. But I’m aware of the “Show online sellers only” filter, which in theory can give you more impressions.
  8. Start joining groups related to your niche on Facebook. Also, start sharing your gig on social media platforms. Send buyer requests on daily basis. Remain active on Fiverr platform Good luck!
  9. You can read my threads here. Just search on Fiverr forum about getting orders for new sellers. There is many such information available.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Spend some more time reading the important forum posts.
  11. For this, You should continue promoting it. There is no harm. You will only pay the price when someone clicks on it. Just wait for some more days. And then see the MAGIC!
  12. Please spend sometime to search various topics for new sellers. Welcome to the community
  13. According to me, You have randomly received messages. This is not a Glitch.
  14. You can use Social media, Quora and Wordpress community forums. Good luck
  15. Same happened with me. Let me know about the solution if you find any!
  16. Welcome to the Community. Read Previous forum reports on how to get Orders. You will find a lot of solutions. Good luck
  17. Spend atleast sometime to read the Forums Previous posts. Welcome to the Community
  18. That’s really a nice Feature. I will use it, if fiverr allows me.
  19. It’s in the Seller Plus tab now. I’m guessing it’s available to Seller Plus sellers only. I don’t even have SELLER PLUS Tab. 😀
  20. You have to remain active now. Respond fast to your customers. Send Buyer Requests on daily basis. Share your gig on social media. But don’t do Spamming. You will surely get BOOST. Good luck
  21. They are dealing with a lot more Sellers. And Buyer only choose that seller whom he/she likes the most. So keep trying and tell them about some Extra Services that you will give for FREE. Hopefully, They will start hiring you.
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