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  1. Wine, drinking, presents - what’s not to love?
  2. oh my god. I have used ambient-mixer so many times, I love ambient noises and sounds.
  3. I want someone to do a dramatic reading of “THE SOLUTION”. Would be a perfect monologue to do for auditions ala Misery or Fatal attraction.
  4. This actually reminds me of that assistant job ad that circulated awhile back - Mashable – 10 Aug 17 Ridiculously specific job posting will make you appreciate your crappy job'You're cool hipster but don't wear the super tight jeans that won't leave you room in your pockets to hold my dog's potty bags.'
  5. I was watching the show yesterday and was kind of surprised how many times they get mentioned or play the bad guys in episodes - I mean, it’s okay but also a little weird??? Funny how I don’t remember that from when I was a kid.
  6. oh.my. GOD It’s legit crazy how they expect someone to do basically really hard work for no money at all or the ahem “promise” to work in their company…eventually. I really hope nobody applied for those.
  7. Hey! Thanks for catching that, I did go back and fix the titles - as for the commerical use it was actually on purpose.
  8. I know - hefty title right? Well it’s true (well, nearly anyway). Anyway, new to the community and happy to be here!
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