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  1. Soda seems to be my main drink. I do tend to bored eat, too.
  2. Fiverr is far from the worst platform. They have a lot of things to improve, and cutting their greed would be great. It is especially shitty that they take from our tips. I can guarantee I have lost out on tips entirely, because the buyer does not want to pay extra/have my money taken away. I wish that there was a way to pin this site down on that…
  3. I offer mainly story writing and building. It’s not geared toward homework.
  4. Yeah I made my “samples” a slightly cheaper, shorter version of my regular gigs. I’ll send over something pre-written if they’re fine with that, but sending free tailored samples is just too much.
  5. Definitely industry to industry this amount of orders and the importance of that number changes. When writing, I think 33 in a little over a year is a good number while still holding another full time job - whereas an acting coach per se might need double that to stay relevant.
  6. I make a disclaimer for any homework/tests/grants/proposals I write. I definitely see ways that can be unethical - but then, I have the skills someone was looking for. With an essay, I tell the student to change some of the things I wrote so it is more authentic. Usually people looking to publish will have a second editor go over the work, and that will change it too.
  7. I do ghost writing of almost any kind. Not unethical, other than the people who try not to pay us, or only pay us pennies on the dime.
  8. Multiple. It’s exam season in most places and as long as I can get a disclaimer to the clients, I don’t mind doing the homework/tests.
  9. The people who post buyer requests are not looking for people to message them. They just want to compare the abilities of people who responded. Some will appreciate a sample in the inbox, but when I responded to buyer requests, I usually introduced myself, my experience, and what me and my gig could do for their project.
  10. This is infuriating! The person did not even pick good words to trade out for. Not that re-writes are just trading out words! But wow. I could do a better job trying to run this scam, and I have never even thought about doing this kind of thing, in the whole 6 months I have been ghost writing here. :roll_eyes:
  11. I think you just had an absent buyer. As long as you did what they instructed, you did your job and do not beat yourself up over if they will or will not come back.
  12. I wanted to start making money off of writing. I travel a lot, and for disconcertingly long periods of time for a regular job to work out. Almost all of my work has been freelance, for the past year. Those are the big 3 factors…
  13. Giving free work is not going to give you future work. It is likely to get you people asking for free work. Because if you did it once, you’ll do it again.
  14. People have mostly covered what I would say here. The work looks like fine enough graphic design work. I think it’s up to you if you want to update to higher prices (hint: I upped my prices to $10 minimum within two months on Fiverr) but definitely one way to pad a $5 order is not to offer free revisions. If the person wants something more than five minutes of work, they can pay you for the (probably doubled) time spent making a new logo. I’m only just learning to stick to this kind of rule whoopsie.
  15. At this point unless he is actually adding more money to the order, definitely keep sending the most recent revision. He may be wasting your time on purpose. It may not be worth it at this point so do not make it less worth it.
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